Moonton has revealed which MLBB heroes had the highest win percentage on ladder last month and there are some surprising revelations on the list.

According to the list, the hero with the highest win percentage in epic and above is the Steel Elf, Lolita, with a win rate of 56.26%.

This might surprise many, considering that Lolita has faced countless nerfs that has made her a niche pick in most cases.

In patch 1.4.44, Lolita was hit the hardest as her base stats and two of her abilities, Guardian’s Bulwark and Noumenon Energy Core, were greatly nerfed.

However, Charge! and Noumenon Blast are still undoubtedly one of the best crowd control abilities in the game.

Charge! is a single-target stun that’s effective against mobile heroes in the current meta while Noumenon Energy Core has one of the largest area of effect stuns in the whole game. These two abilities alone make Lolita an easy yet dangerous hero to use for solo and team ranking.

Other forgotten heroes who appeared on the list are Lylia, Freya, and another once-powerful hero also hit with the nerf hammer – Kimmy.

Here is the full list:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang highest win rate percentage for March
Credit: Moonton

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