A new set of skins will grace the Land of Dawn as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has released a teaser for upcoming music group named S.T.U.N., who will debut at the 515 Eparty event.

In the trailer, Chou is seen riding a skateboard in a futuristic cityscape that’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. He dons a hip-hop outfit with a cool and funky haircut that will make every Chou mains drool.

From there we can see hints at what looks like the official logo of S.T.U.N along with the two other members of the music group – Selena and Brody.

However, Selena and Brody did not make an appearance in the trailer and their names were just listed in one scene.

515 Eparty is an annual celebration in MLBB where tons of events and prizes are in-store. The celebration is set to happen sometime in May.

Watch the official trailer here:

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