Barats is a ferocious Tank/Fighter hybrid in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, notorious for his immense survivability and impressive damage output.

The Dino Rider’s passive ability, Big Guy, allows him to increase his physical and magic defense each time he inflicts damage on an enemy hero. This ability can stack up to a certain number of times, transforming him into an intimidating frontline hero.

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More so than his durability, his skills, Missile “Expert” and So-Called Teamwork, allow him to control enemies and dish out damage. His ultimate, Detona’s Welcome, is an impressive initiation ability that can lead to easy enemy pick-offs.

Despite his strengths, Barats does have some weaknesses. There are heroes in the Land of Dawn that can make the tank’s life a nightmare.

These heroes have the tools to counter Barats in Mobile Legends


Claude is a marksman with unmatched mobility and attack speed — tools that make Barats mains miserable. Even with the Dino Rider’s immense durability, the Master Thief can melt the tank’s HP with a barrage of Basic Attacks, while Claude can maintain his distance.

On Claude, focus on farming to gain gold and level up quickly in the early game.

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Build equipment that enhance your attack speed and mobility to kite the tank effectively. Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, Golden Staff, otherwise known as the Trinity Build in Mobile Legends, should be your item priority.

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Use Claude’s first skill, “Art of Thievery,” to steal Barats’ movement speed and attack power, making it harder for him to chase you or trade blows. When the Dino Rider uses his ultimate, use “Battle Mirror Image” to swiftly move away, and reengage with Blazing Duet when he uses Detona’s Welcome on someone else.


Karrie is widely-known as a tank-buster in Mobile Legends and with good reason. Her passive ability, Lightwheel Mark, allows her to deal True Damage to enemies.

Furthermore, her ultimate, “Speedy Lightwheel,” enhances her mobility and attack capabilities, making her a potent threat to any enemy.

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Like the approach with Claude, focus on building items that enhance her attack speed and allow her to deal more consistent True Damage. Go for the Trinity Build — Demon Hunter Sword for additional damage based on the enemy’s HP, Corrosion Scythe for Attack Speed and slow effects, and Golden Staff to trigger her passive more frequently.

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In team fights, maintain a safe distance from Barats to avoid being swallowed by his ultimate. Use Phantom Step to dodge Barats’ skills, particularly his ultimate. Wait for him to use Detona’s Welcome on another hero before diving in with “Speedy Lightwheel” to deal maximum damage.


Equipped with the power of Chaos and Order, Lunox is a mage hero known for her high burst damage and crowd control immunity.

Barats relies heavily on his accumulating defenses. However, Lunox’s Chaos Assault can melt Barat’s HP bar especially when reinforced with Magic Penetration and Magic Attack items. More than her potent attacks, she also counters the Dino Rider’s main offensive tool.

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Lunox’s brilliance shines through her ability to shift into the Order state, granting her immunity to crowd control effects. This directly counters Barats’ Detona’s Welcome, rendering him incapable of swallowing and disabling her during critical moments.

On Lunox, Build items that enhance magic power and cooldown reduction such as Divine Glaive for magic penetration and Holy Crystal for increased magic power.

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When engaging Barats, start with Chaos Assault to deal initial damage, then switch to Order & Chaos when Barats tries to use his ultimate. This will essentially waste his crowd-control skill.

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