League of Legends’ iconic champion Teemo can just be annoying at times with his invisible shroom traps and blinding darts. A really good Teemo player can incapacitate you and slow you down with his abilities if you’re not careful.

But fret not, because we listed down three dependable champions who can take Teemo all the way back to his home in Bandle City.


Screenshot by: Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

Pantheon is the perfect champion to combat Teemo. He deals a lot of damage mainly because of his passive Mortal Will, which empowers his attacks and spells. Pantheon’s Shield Vault can also stun the little devil so you can keep him at a safe distance, while his Aegis Assault can be useful in protecting you from Teemo’s magic damage.

Additionally, Pantheon has a 49.24% win rate against Teemo in Patch 10.18.


Credit: Riot Games

Since Teemo is usually played on the top lane, Garen is an ideal counter pick for him. Utilize Garen’s large health to soak up all the damage from Teemo’s Noxious Traps during the early game. Remember to make the most out of your regeneration passive when you are out of combat.

During the mid game, come up with a defensive build that can sustain you during fights like Death’s Dance, which heals you for 15% of all damage dealt to an enemy.


Credit: Riot Games

Darius is a good fighter that can tank and sustain himself against Teemo’s damage. Try pulling Teemo using Darius’s Apprehend ability and when it successfully lands, use his first ability Decimate to deal more damage when the Teemo runs away from you.

General tips for countering Teemo

Place your Control Wards strategically.

Since each player can only place a single Control Ward, it’s important to maximize the power of its detection by putting it in an ideal spot. Where does the enemy Teemo usually hang out? Can your ward placement help the team during a clash? Will this be spotted and de-warded immediately by the enemy team? Try asking yourself these questions before planting that ward.

Pick Sweeping Lens.

This tip is highly recommended especially for supports. If you can’t go without vision during the early game, pick Warding Totem first then exchange it for Sweeping Lens after finishing your Gold Quest.

Stay with your minions.

If you’re having a hard time avoiding Teemo’s shrooms, initiate a battle near your territories. You can either do some tower hugging from time to time or let your minions lead the way so they soak up all the incoming damage from any undetected traps within the lane.

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