DWG KIA dominates Day 2 of the 2021 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational with a win over Gillette Infinity. The LCK team continues to lead Group C with a 2-0 record.

In the DWG KIA and Gillette Infinity match, Heo “ShowMaker” Su picked Syndra against Christian “cody” Yampara’s Lucian. While he used the champion in 20 total matches during the KeSPA Cup and the LCK Spring regular season, she was nowhere to be seen during the LCK playoffs.

Syndra is finally back in ShowMaker’s heavy rotation

When asked about the returning pick, ShowMaker told ONE Esports why he hasn’t been using Syndra in more recent matches.

“It was mainly because I had a right arm injury,” said ShowMaker. “My hands were shaking, so I was not able to land my orbs and skills when I was playing her.”

With ShowMaker safely recovering from the injury, and being able to practice the champion once again, the team decided to give Syndra a try on stage against Infinity.

ShowMaker’s take on the current MSI 2021 meta

MSI’s patch 11.9 has many analysts putting Gangplank and Kindred at the top of their tier lists, but DWG KIA looks to have a different take on the current meta, fielding favorites like Gnar, Sion, and Graves in the top lane and jungle.

“I don’t think that Gangplank and Kindred are that strong and OP,” said ShowMaker. “If we can win with reliable comfort picks, I think that’s the way we create the meta.”

In terms of what champions he thinks are OP in this meta, ShowMaker answered with only one champion in mind — Lee Sin.

What ShowMaker thinks of Iceland and the EU region

Scrimming in EU servers in preparation for MSI, ShowMaker voiced out his frustrations about the region’s in-game behavior.

“There are always turnarounds and they blame each other a lot,” said ShowMaker. “They still don’t surrender, so that’s a pain. I hope I can get better teammates.”

Photo of DWG KIA with Baron Buff in Day 1 of MSI 2021
Credit: LoL Esports

Though he hasn’t seen any explosive volcanoes due to ongoing trainings, ShowMaker agreed with DWG KIA teammate Jang “Ghost’ Yong-jun’s comments about Iceland’s tap water, saying that he’s “never had water this good.”

ShowMaker also tried out some Icelandic chicken dishes and thought that the food was generally delicious.

K-recommendations by ShowMaker

As a man of K-culture, ShowMaker also shared some of his all-time favorites. With Sunmi being a big fan of the DWG KIA mid laner, he confirmed that his favorite song by the K-pop artist was “Gashina”.

While many know that ShowMaker is a fan of the hit K-drama “The Penthouse”, he finally revealed why it’s the only show he watches in between training sessions.

“Well, The Penthouse is a drama that is very violent so if you like those kinds of things, I definitely recommend it,” stated ShowMaker.

DWG KIA will face DetonatioN FocusMe today at 11 p.m. GMT+8. Catch the action on the official Riot Games Twitch channel.

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