The XDefiant meta loadouts keep changing with every significant update, as weapons often come with nerfs and buffs.

To help you dominate in the current preseason and gear up for the upcoming season 1, ONE Esports has curated a list of the best loadouts in the game.

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Conquer the battlefield with these five XDefiant meta loadouts

Based on the current data of ranked and unranked matches, here are the meta weapons and their best loadouts.


XDefiant meta loadouts: M16A4 best loadout preview
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj/ONE Esports

The M16A4 is a burst-fire assault rifle with high damage and accuracy. Additionally, it is one of the most used weapons in both Unranked and Ranked modes, making it the top meta weapon in the game.

Its effectiveness in all ranges makes the M16A4 stand out among other meta weapons. That said, here are the attachments for the M16A4 that improve it’s shortcomings:

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  • Barrel: Rapid Fire
  • Front Rail: Tactical Grip
  • Muzzle: Compensator
  • Optic: Reflex Sight
  • Stock: Padded Stock

For the Device slot, the best choice is the Frag Grenade, while for the secondary weapon slot, you can either go for the D50 or 93R pistols.


XDefiant meta loadouts: MP7 best loadout preview
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj/ONE Esports

The MP7 is the meta SMG in the preseason, offering very high mobility and fast rate of fire, with good handling, decent damage, and magazine size.

Overall, for players who prefer the run and gun playstyle, the MP7 is the right pick. Here are the best attachments for the MP7 that further improve the its stats:

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Credit: Ubisoft, ONE Esports
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  • Barrel: Chrome Lined
  • Front Rail: Superlight Grip
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw Grip
  • Stock: Collapsed Stock

The best secondary weapon to complement the MP7 is the 686 Magnum handgun, which offers high damage and is effective at long range.

For the Device slot, use the Flashbang Grenade, which makes flanking enemies much easier.


XDefiant meta loadouts: AK-47 best loadout preview
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj/ONE Esports

The AK-47 has been one of the classic assault rifles dominating most shooter games, and the same is true in XDefiant.

While it is a very hard-to-use weapon because of poor handling and a slow fire rate, with the right attachments and some practice, you can easily dominate every mode using this AR.

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That said, here’s the best attachments to use on AK-47:

  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender
  • Barrel: Rapid Fire
  • Front Rail: Leather-Wrapped Foregrip
  • Rear Grip: Leather-Wrapped Grip
  • Stock: Lightweight Stock

When it comes to the Device slot, the Frag and Sticky Grenade are excellent choices for players using this weapon. As for the secondary weapon slot, the M1911 or the 93R pistols go well with the loadout.


XDefiant meta loadouts: TAC-50 best loadout preview
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj/ONE Esports

Among the two snipers currently available in the game, the TAC-50 is the better option, as even body shots can one-shot opponents.

The weapon has low mobility, takes a lot of time to go ADS, and has a very high recoil. But you can easily manage that using the attachments below.

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  • Barrel: Chrome Lined
  • Optics: Sniper Scope (12x) 
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip: Fabric
  • Stock: Reinforced

In terms of the secondary weapon choice with the TAC-50, the 93R burst pistol pairs well. For throwables, use the Proximity Mine to ensure you don’t get easily flanked while scoped in.

ACR 6.8

XDefiant meta loadouts: ACR 6.8 best loadout preview
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj/ONE Esports

The ACR 6.8 offers a good mix of high damage and weapon handling, making it one of the go-to choice for players who prefer ARs that work on all ranges.

The recoil pattern for the ACR is easy to control, and with the below attachments, you can make the weapon even better.

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  • Muzzle: Brake
  • Barrel: Lightweight 
  • Front Rail: Angled
  • Magazine: Fast Mag
  • Rear Grip: Heavy Grip

When it comes to secondary weapons, once again, the 93R pistol is a great choice. It has lower damage but is an effective burst pistol at close range. And as far as throwables go, the good old Frag Grenade is the right pick.

As we have mentioned in the beginning, the meta shifts with every big update. While some weapons stay relevant even after receiving changes, some climb up the ranks and others fall.

So, if there is a massive shift in the game, expect changes to our XDefiant meta loadouts.

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