XDefiant is out now for players to enjoy a free-to-play FPS with characters created by Ubisoft.

Naturally, as the game is free to play, players may want to know whether the game has two crucial features– crossplay and cross-progression. So does XDefiant have crossplay? How about cross-progression?

In this guide, we’ll explain whether XDefiant has crossplay and cross-progression. 

Does XDefiant have crossplay?

Does XDefiant have crossplay? Does XDefiant have cross-progression?
Credit: Ubisoft

Yes, XDefiant does support crossplay between the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This means that players from these platforms can play together without any issues.

The crossplay is enabled default on all platforms so when you login to the game, you’ll instantly be matched with players from other platforms as well as your own.

If you want to disable it, you can do that easily by going to settings and disabling the crossplay feature.

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A key thing to note about XDefiant’s crossplay is that your control method will be taken into account when matchmaking. For example, players using a keyboard and mouse will be matched with similar methods more frequently.

But, this doesn’t affect if you want to play with your friends on other platforms, as you can simply invite or join their session via Ubisoft Connect.

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Does XDefiant have cross-progression?

Yes, XDefiant supports cross-progression across all three platforms– PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. To enable cross-progression, you will have to make sure you are logged in on all your available platforms with the same Ubisoft account.

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Doing this will make sure your progress will be saved. Additionally, you can share the following items across all your platforms via cross-progression:

  • Battle Pass
  • Boosters
  • Cosmetics
  • Factions unlocked
  • XCoins

That’s everything you need to know about XDefiant crossplay and XDefiant cross-progression.

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