The latest XDefiant test is here, and that means thousands of players are jumping in.

If you’re wanting to make the absolute most of it when it comes to your performance and FPS, then this XDefiant best settings guide will set you up for success.

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XDefiant best settings guide — gameplay, video, and graphics

XDefiant graphic
Credit: Ubisoft

In this XDefiant best settings guide, we’ll cover each section of the in-game video settings.

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Keep in mind, everyone’s PC is different, and you may still want to adjust certain things to fit your personal needs and situation.

Gameplay Settings

XDefiant best settings -- gameplay
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports
Field of View90-120 depending on preference
ADS Field of ViewConsistent

One of which, if your field of view (FOV). Most people tend to stay in the 90-120 range, and we believe that’s a safe place to be.

Video settings

XDefiant best settings -- video
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports
Windowed ModeFullscreen
ResolutionWe recommend native resolution
Refresh RateMax refresh rate of your monitor
MonitorYour main monitor
Enable Reduced LatencyYes
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyEnabled

A lot of video settings is again based on your situation, but a bit more hardware. Much of this section of the XDefiant best settings guide is going to be set by what monitor you use.

Graphics settings

Xdefiant best settings -- graphics
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports
Enable DX12 RendererYes
Graphics QualityCustom
V-Sync ModeOff
Framerate LimitOn
Framerate LimitHighest you can get consistently
Shadow QualityLow
Spot ShadowsLow
Spot Shadow ResolutionLow
Contact ShadowsOff
Resolution Scale85% (will make the game look a bit worse)
Particle DetailLow
Volumetric FogLow
Reflection QualityLow
Local Reflection QualityLow
Vegetation QualityLow
Sub Surface ScatteringOn
Parallax MappingYes
Ambient OcclusionLow
Object Detail50
Extra Streaming Distance5
Lens FlareOff
Water QualityLow
Chromatic AberrationOff
High-Resolution Sky TexturesNo
Terrain QualityMedium

The graphics settings are most likely what you’re really here for. These settings are meant for FPS and performance, but if you have a higher end PC, you can certainly turn some settings up for better visuals.

That concludes are XDefiant best settings guide.

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