Since the first Hades game was released, it has been ported to various platforms over the years. In line with that, this poses the important question: When is Hades 2 coming to Steam?

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With Hades 2 making waves on the Internet recently, players are eager to know where they can play the highly-anticipated sequel to the action rogue-like adventure game, Hades (2020).

The game features a new protagonist, abilities, and mechanics that are sure to excite fans. 

More details on this will be covered below.   

When is Hades 2 coming to Steam? What we know so far

Hades 2 Melinoe -- when is Hades 2 coming to Steam?
Screenshot by Renee Aguila/ONE Esports, Supergiant Games

Similar to the first game, Hades 2 has already been made available through early access on PC. Fans and interested players of the game can find it on Steam and the Epic Games store as it was dropped a few days ago on May 6. 

In the Steam release, the developer Supergiant Games stated that they “designed the original Hades for Early Access from the ground up, and the same is true for Hades II, our first-ever sequel.”

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Additionally, the game will be in Early Access development throughout the year. It’s to be expected that additional features and content will be added over time. 

In line with that, there will be a Development Roadmap that includes the progress of updates in terms of the full version of the game and current priorities of the developer for the game

Players will get a better idea of the features the developer wants to put in the forefront of the release.

Hades 2 release date is nearing as we get a look at the game
Credit: Supergiant

Is Hades 2 coming to Steam Deck?

So with the game already launched for early access on Steam, there comes the question: Is Hades 2 coming to Steam Deck? 

Yes, Hades 2 is also available and verified on the Steam Deck. As the game has minimal hardware requirements, the Steam Deck can run the game without issue.

Players can find in the Technical Test Update post for Hades 2 back in April the system requirements needed to run the test. This includes the Steam Deck which further backs up that the game is playable on the device. 

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With that in mind, players can expect that the game will be optimized for a great single-player experience for the Steam Deck in the full version release of the game. 

As there are no other announcements yet regarding other console releases, fans and interested players should wait  and consider playing the game in early access on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

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