Your favorite Filipino streamers and content creators Lincoln “CongTV” Velasquez, Bianca “Biancake” Yao, Dexie “Dexie” Diaz and more will soon be hanging out at a new location.

Tier One Entertainment plans to build the Philippines’ first content creation hub to house its talents. This content creation hub will serve as Tier One’s headquarters in the country.

“With the growth of mobile gaming, streaming and esports as an avenue for youth entertainment, we came up with the foresight to develop and house these talents by building our very own YG Entertainment of gaming,” said Tier One Entertainment co-founder Alodia Gosiengfiao.

The Philippine-based talent agency has successfully raised financing from its Pre-Series A round, with big brands like Gobi Partners and Warner Music Group coming onboard.

Portions of the financing will be used to further support their talents and expand their esports operations in Blacklist International, Tier One’s esports team.

Tier One Entertainment also plans to expand its local operations to other Asian countries beyond Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

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