Nintendo recently released the trailer for New Pokémon Snap, the latest spinoff game in the beloved Pokémon series.

Unlike the usual battle-type Pokémon game that we all enjoy, New Pokémon Snap lets players assume the role of an avid photographer, taking candid photos of the cutest and most majestic Pokémon they could find.

The original Pokémon Snap took a more scenic approach that mimicked a safari adventure, where players would take pictures throughout a mapped out route. Perfecting the rail shooter mechanics and actual 3D renders of your favorite Pokémon, the photography-based game became an instant hit, selling around 1.5 million copies in its release year.

While it may seem like a fresh take on the franchise, New Pokémon Snap is actually a sequel to the 1999 Nintendo 64 classic, Pokémon Snap.

Now let’s take a look at the differences and improvements that we can expect from New Pokémon Snap.

The Lental region is your newest landscape

Credit: Nintendo and Longplay Archive (via YouTube)

New Pokémon Snap takes you to the brand new region of Lental, a more expansive location compared to the original game’s Pokémon Island. As an archipelago, Lental features larger ecosystems of the usual jungles, beaches, and deserts that players can explore.

The new region also introduces a new character in Professor Mirror. Not much has been revealed about him yet, but Mirror will likely have the same intentions as Professor Oak did in the original game. For those who haven’t played Pokémon Snap, Professor Oak hired the protagonist because he needed quality pictures to go along with his scientific findings.

There are thrice as many Pokémon to photograph

Credit: Nintendo and LonelyWheatley (via YouTube)

Coming out only a few years after Pokémon’s first generation, Pokémon Snap had a limited roster that featured only 63 of the original 151 Pokémon. To the delight of the original game’s avid fans, Nintendo has almost tripled the total with over 200 variants for New Pokémon Snap.

From the recent trailer, you can see the likes of Toucannon (Gen. VII), Grookey (Gen. VIII), and even Hippowdon (Gen. IV) hanging out in their respective habitats.

Credit: Nintendo and Nin (via YouTube)

Adding a nostalgic feel to New Pokémon Snap, the official game site also gave us a sneak peek at an Alolan Pikachu surfing on its tail, possibly hinting at more regional Pokémon in the game. That’s bound to give you some extra style points.

You can take a lot more pictures

Credit: Nintendo and LonelyWheatley (via YouTube)

In terms of gameplay, the trailer hinted at a bigger camera roll for all you shutterbugs.

With more places to visit and Pokémon to shoot, Nintendo and Bandai Namco have bumped up the standard capacity of your camera to around 70 photos. Now there’s no reason to panic if ever there’s a final hidden Pokémon at the end of your route.

With the game supporting online play, we’re also keeping our eyes peeled for a possible in-game photo-sharing mode that’ll have your friends fawning over your frame-perfect captures.

You are now a bona fide Pokémon photographer

Credit: Nintendo and LonelyWheatley (YouTube)

New Pokémon Snap offers a more personalized experience along with a more modern look. Whereas in the original game, players took on the role of fictional photographer Todd Snap, New Pokémon Snap’s trailer showcases both male and female trainers hopping into the buggy — implying that there might be more personalization options at the beginning of the game.

Nintendo has also replaced the three-wheeled Zero-One buggy with the sleeker, floating Neo-One. Based on the gameplay trailer, New Pokémon Snap looks like it will keep the original rail shooter mechanic to stay true to its predecessor.

You’ll discover glowing Pokémon and vegetation

Credit: Nintendo

A new gameplay aspect of New Pokémon Snap is the Illumina phenomenon. Players can look forward to sightings of glowing Pokémon and vegetation throughout their runs. There’s no real explanation for the mysterious regional experience, but Nintendo has teased that your photos and observations might help in learning more about it.

The trailer featured a night-time cinematic of an Illumina Meganium (Gen. II). Before the sighting, the trainer could see light particles floating around him which could be a potential indicator in the actual gameplay.

The Illumina’s rainbow-like aura might be a subtle nod to Pokémon Snap’s Rainbow Cloud stage, in which players had to snap all six Pokémon signs to unlock a Mew-only course. We’re hoping that there’ll be a secret achievement or stage after discovering what the Illumina phenomenon is all about.

New Pokémon Snap will be available for the Nintendo Switch starting April 30. For more information, you can check out its official game site.

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