Admit it, you’ve always wondered how long you’d last in all the games on Netflix’s phenomenal television series Squid Game. The fictional Korean series is Netflix’s take on the battle royale genre, pitting hundreds of financially challenged contestants in a deadly set of children’s games. The winner takes home a whopping US$38 million.

There’s no need for you to risk your life just to try playing Squid Game though. You can participate in one of the games in the comfort of your own home through Minecraft.

Fan recreates the epic Squid Game glass bridge in Minecraft

Squid Game glass bridge recreated in Minecraft by u/grouchy-career-2974
Credit: grouchy-career-2974 on Reddit

Fans can now experience Squid Game’s terrifying glass bridge virtually in Minecraft. Redditor user grouchy-career-2974 has recreated the mechanics of the game, sure to impress any fan of the Korean Netflix series.

The Minecraft player used wood pressure plates on top of glass blocks to cast the illusion of regular and tempered glass panels.

Just like in the show, stepping on the weaker, regular glass panels will send Minecraft players plummeting to their deaths.

Minecraft fans can check out the short video demonstration of the recreated Squid Game glass bridge on Reddit.

How the Squid Game glass bridge works

the Squid Game glass bridge
Credit: Netflix

The glass bridge or glass stepping stones is the fifth game in the series.

Players are tasked to reach the other end of the platform by jumping through multiple glass panels. Each glass panel set is made of either regular glass or tempered glass.

Players must step on all tempered glass panels within the 16-minute time limit to advance to the next game. Needless to say, there’s no cushion to stem anyone’s fall below.

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