Forget gaming chairs, Japanese gaming furniture brand, Bauhutte, sells a gaming bed — a setup that will let you both frag and nap in the same spot.

Gamers can choose from two setups: the simple and the ultimate.

The simple gaming bed features desks on the top and bottom for monitors and a headphone hanger.

Bauhutte’s gaming bed presents the ultimate setup

Bauhutte Gaming Bed with snacks on the side
Credit: ONE Esports, Bauhutte

The product promises even more comfort with the addition of a humongous pillow that can be used as a backrest to achieve the best position while playing.

The longboard desk can be used to place any additional equipment such as a mechanical keyboard.

In addition, an energy rack lets you stash all your snacks and drinks. It comes with a bottle holder too!

The standalone Bauhutte bed desk costs JP¥31,500 (~US$292), while the simple gaming bed setup costs a total of JP¥63,750 (US$590), and the ultimate gaming bed setup will set you back a whopping JP¥126,300 (US$1,169).

Items used for both setups can be viewed on Bauhutte’s website here.

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