All good things must come to an end.

Gamer’s Paradise Episode 15 takes us on a walk down memory lane, looking back on some of the most memorable moments throughout the series.

On the season finale’s The Pulse segment, hosts Eri Neeman and Mika Fabella talked about the show’s highlights over the past 15 weeks.

There was no shortage of highlights to pick from. With behind-the-scenes gaffes and hilarious moments on House Party, there hasn’t been a dull moment.

Gamer’s Paradise Episode 15 ends on a high note

From Eri falling asleep while the camera was rolling to his hilariously weird Legend of Zelda reenactment, you won’t want to miss these sneak peeks behind the scenes.

The show then turned to Hero Story, where Filipino-American actress, model, and beauty queen Megan Young talked about how she got her start in gaming content creation.

“I remember when I was younger, my parents had 9 to 5s. My mom worked three jobs,” she said. “One of the things they did to try and compensate for the time they were away was video games.”

“So growing up, thanks to my parents, we had consoles. A favorite of mine was the Nintendo 64.”

The 32-year-old also detailed her foray into content creation and streaming — she started out from scratch, but has since attracted over 5 million followers on Facebook Gaming.

Gamer's Paradise Episode 15 Hero Story
Credit: Gamer’s Paradise

Her story is that of someone who refuses to be deterred by expectations to succeed or play at a certain level. Instead, the most important thing is to have fun.

The final segment of House Party saw Eri and Mika face off to see who had the best memory. The pair were given quotes out of context, and had to guess who exactly said it on the show.

As it turns out, just because you hosted every episode doesn’t mean you remember everything your guests said.

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