EVOS Laevateinn is a young Pokémon UNITE team from Indonesia looking to make a splash in the Asia scene. Less than a year old, EVOS Laevateinn have impressed for such a new roster.

Several Asian esport organizations recently entered the Pokémon UNITE competitive scene and EVOS Esports, known as one of the biggest esport teams in Southeast Asia, finally made the plunge into Pokémon UNITE. 

Planting a new seed, EVOS Esports onboarded a young and motivated team to aim for the stars and win the Pokémon UNITE World Championship Series with their new Pokémon UNITE division, EVOS Laevateinn. 

The roster consists of:

  • Vendri Alderi “Kurov” Wilastra
  • Frendy “FGinkyZ” Kho
  • Jason “ZK” Gunawan
  • Rico Windi “Rev” Novian
  • Muhammad Abdul “Sukui” Jabbar

Team Laevateinn before EVOS Esports

In comparison to existing teams, EVOS Laevateinn is one of the youngest in Pokémon UNITE scene — six months old to be exact. Sukui mentioned that the team was formed back in December 2022. Originally, only the three of them played Pokémon UNITE together, and the last two players were brought in through team recruitment. 

This team has only been playing for fun and leisure until they caught the eyes of EVOS Esports.

How Laevateinn’s attitude changed their future

Playing in community-ran tournaments exclusively within Indonesia, Laevateinn had been performing so well that they were able to match up against some of the best teams in Indonesia including Ravana (previously known as ROHAN), Яadiant, KRT, and RISE (now RRQ), all of whom are considered heavyweights in the Indonesian scene.

As the team grew more competitive, so did their drive to improve. The team was using hours of their free time to practice, theory craft, and review matches of other teams to better understand how to master Pokémon UNITE. They even went as far as to find a coach to help during training hours. This drive eventually brought in positive results which turned a lot of heads, including EVOS Esports.

Their motivation and hard work eventually paid off as they received an invitation from EVOS to participate in tryouts where they eventually got acquired and became EVOS Laevateinn.

The future of EVOS Laevateinn

From there on out, their short daily practice sessions became six hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to the extra scrim time, they were not practicing alongside fellow Indonesian teams any more, but rather teams from other regions like Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Kurov mentioned that they are only able to play with fellow Indonesian teams in ranked games, but this did not stop them from pursuing their goal. The hours of practice were to prepare them for their first official major circuit; the Pokémon UNITE WCS 2023 Asia Pacific West Qualifiers.

The Pokémon UNITE WCS 2023 Asia Pacific West Qualifiers features the best teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Watch their journey as it unfolds on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

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