Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree demands a seasoned player who has already been through various parts of Elden Ring. It is best to follow and match the required levels for each challenge.

However, this can be confusing for a lot of players. But fear not, this guide will list the recommended levels to tackle the various stages of this challenging expansion.

Elden Ring DLC recommended levels
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Shadow of the Erdtree throws you into the nightmarish zone of Dreamveil, where enemies scale far beyond the base game’s endgame. Here’s where your level comes in:

  • Level 120-130: This range provides a solid foundation. Enemies will be tough, but with well-honed skills and strategic use of Ashes of War and Spirit Summons, you can overcome them.
  • Level 150+: This is the sweet spot. You’ll have ample stats to handle the Dreamveil’s brutality while still experiencing a tough challenge. This is the level range players who participated in the developer preview event were placed. Also, this level enables you to play co-op and PvP invasions.
  • Level 160-200: This level will be slightly more than the recommended 150 mark. You will find it tough to get friends and players to play with in co-op.
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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree tips

Beyond the leveling requirements, you need special tips to survive the new Elden Ring DLC where enemies hit hard.

  • Prioritize Vigor: The Dreamveil hits take away massive amounts of health. Aim for at least 50 Vigor, and consider pushing it to 60 for better survivability.
  • Gear up well: Ensure your weapons and armor are upgraded to their maximum potential. Research enemies you’ll encounter and consider using gear specifically designed to counter them.
  • Practice: Before going into the Dreamveil, practice your combat skills. Mastering dodging, parrying, and weapon combos will be crucial for surviving in the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.
Elden Ring best build and character level for Shadow of the Erdtree DLC the Elden Ring expansion
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That concludes our guide on Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree recommended levels.

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