If you are looking to hop into Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, you must know about Mohg’s location in Elden Ring, how to reach there and tips on defeating Mohg as he inflicts massive damage, has a significant health pool and makes attacks based around Bleed status effect.

So, whether you are just looking to finish Elden Ring and are stuck at Mohg or are looking forward to playing the new DLC, we’ll be going over the Elden Ring Mohg location and how to get there.

Elden Ring Mohg location

Elden Ring Moghwyns Palace
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In Elden Ring, you can find Mohg, the Lord of Blood boss at Mohgwyn’s Palace, located in the eastern parts of the Siofra River. The boss arena is right after the Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint Site of Grace. From there, you can follow the main path and use the lift to the arena’s entrance, where you can fight Mohg.

How to get to Mohg’s location in Elden Ring

Elden Ring teleport gate Moghwyns palace
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There are two ways to unlock Mohgwyn’s Palace and reach the Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint Site of Grace in Elden Ring. The first option is to complete NPC Varre’s questline, and the second option is to use the rift gate in the western parts of Mountaintops of the Giants.

In our how to start Elden Ring DLC guide, we explained in detail how to complete Varre’s questline and the map location of the rift gate.

How to defeat Mohg in Elden Ring

Elden RIng Shadow of the Erdtree start
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The process of defeating Mohg in Elden Ring depends on your character build. For example, if you are a mage, you can use Comet Azur combined with Cerulean Hidden Tear and Terra Magica to take out Mohg before he can do anything.

But, if you are a melee build user, things are different as you must know about his attacks to go up close and deal damage.

Mohg’s attacks apply the Hemorrhage, aka Bleed status, which deals HP%-based damage. He also does physical attacks with his trident melee weapon. But, most of his attacks, whether the Bloodboon, Blood Ritual or Blood Tax, are all focused on applying Bleed.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date -- DLC boss
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So, if you are a melee user, increasing your Endurance stat helps improve the Robustness hidden stat that slows down the Bleed buildup. That said, you can also use items like the Stalwart Horn Charm or consumables like the Invigorating Cured Meat, to further help with the Bleed buildup.

Assuming you are all prepared to take on Mohg when you enter his arena, you can apply buffs like Flame, Grant Me Strength, and others, as you have a decent amount of time before the boss attacks you.

In the first phase, Mohg will mostly use his trident swing attacks, which are slow and easy to dodge.

He also throws a pile of wide Bloodflame at you that stays on the ground and inflicts Bleed. You can dodge it forward or backward to avoid it.

Landing hits on Mohg is easy, as his attacks are slow. When you take his health below 60%, he will enter the second phase, where he starts performing the Bloodboon Ritual and aerial attacks.

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In the Bloodboon Ritual, Mohg will perform an unavoidable attack, causing blood loss whose damage you can minimize using the Purifying Crystal Tear.

However, when you see Mohg thrusting his spear above and performing the ritual, you must use this time to land hits, apply status effects like Bleed, Poison, Scarlett Rot and so on, and heal.

After this attack, Mohg will heal a certain amount of health, though if you are fast enough to deal enough damage during this time, you can defeat him quickly.

That sums up our guide on Elden Ring Mohg’s location and how to reach there and defeat him. 

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