Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, a huge expansion has arrived. It brings forward a wealth of new challenges and a new adventure.

Among them lie some of the toughest bosses you have ever faced, each guarding secrets and legendary loot. This guide will list all Shadow of the Erdtree bosses that are part of the Elden Ring main story and explain a little more about them.

All Shadow of the Erdtree bosses — main story

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree warrior
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The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC opens up a new path through the Lands Between, leading you to the ethereal realm known as the Dreamveil.

Here, you’ll encounter a mix of vicious beings and some familiar faces with surprising new powers. Here are all the bosses in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree:

Divine Beast Dancing Lion

A majestic yet ferocious creature, the Dancing Lion wields the power of lightning. Be wary of its swift attacks and electrified mane.

Gravesite Plain — Belurat, Tower SettlementRemembrance of the Dancing Lion
Dancing Lion Head

Rellana, Twin Moon Knight

A spectral warrior wielding two greatswords with moonlight magic. Rellana’s swift dance and devastating combos demand precise dodging and well-timed counters.

Gravesite Plain — Castle EnsisRemembrance of the Twin Moon Knight

Golden Hippopotamuses

  • While this boss looks comical, it boasts surprising agility and earth-shaking attacks. We advise you to utilize mounted combat and exploit its lumbering movements.
Scadu Altus — Entrance to the Shadow Keep– Aspect of the Crucible: Thorns incantation
– 2x Scadutree Fragments
Upper Rauh’s Ruins — At the lake located to the south of Viaduct Minor Tower site of grace Scadutree Fragments
Charo’s Hidden Grave to the west of the Charo’s Hidden Grave Site of GraceScadutree Fragments
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Credit: ONE Esports, FromSoftware
Elden Ring Mohg location, how to reach and beat fast 2024

Romina, Saint of the Bud

A formidable sorceress having floral magic. She is popular for ranged attacks that inflict both physical and elemental damage. Patience and strategic use of cover will be key.

Upper Rauh Ruins — Church of the BudRemembrance of the Saint of the Bud

Messmer the Impaler

  • A ruthless warrior wielding a barbed spear, capable of inflicting heavy damage and wounds. Expect a close-quarters brawl demanding aggression and mastery of your own weapon’s reach.
Scadu Altus — The top of the Shadow KeepRemembrance of the Impaler

Needle Knight Leda (and allies)

A cunning strategist leading a squadron of spectral archers. You will have to prepare for both her allies and the main boss. Managing both Leda’s deadly thrusts and the relentless volleys from her spectral guard.

Mogwhyn Palace until you defeat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight. After, she move to Highroad Cross Site of Grace– Ash of War: Swift Slash
– Leda’s Rune
– Oathseeker Knight Helm
– Oathseeker Knight Gauntlets
– Oathseeker Knight Greaves
– Leda’s Armor
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Promised Consort Radahn

The legendary warrior who was already a menacing boss in the base game returns, empowered by the Erdtree’s shadow. Expect an even more challenging encounter, demanding precise coordination and exploitation of Radahn’s vulnerabilities.

Enir-IlimRemembrance of a God and a Lord

After a quick exploration, it is safe to say that Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has extremely tough bosses compared to the base game. That said, a difficult path will only make the story more exciting and the end more enticing.

That concludes our guide on all Shadow of the Erdtree bosses in Elden Ring.

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