Real-time strategy game series Total War just released its newest entry with A Total War Saga: Troy, bringing to light the epic battles between the kingdoms of Troy and Mycenean Greece.

To usher fans and newcomers to the franchise once again, developer Creative Assembly has exclusively partnered with Epic Games to make the game free on the Epic Games Store for a day.

For those who are unfamiliar with the realm of Total War, the franchise specializes in realistic battle simulations in historical settings. Ever since the 2000s, Total War has provided RTS fans with larger-than-life scenarios, controlling your own shogunate in Japan or even acting as the French commander Napoleon Bonaparte.

Though Total War often takes on lengthy eras in most of their games, its Saga entries zone into a specific historical moment for gameplay. With Troy’s story heavily inspired by Homer’s Iliad and other accounts of the Trojan War, you are bound to see more in-depth storytelling that revolves around main figureheads like Achilles and Paris of Troy.

Even if you’re versed on the epic poem, the game gives you various options over the eight factions you control. With your own little twist to the story, you can possibly change the outcome of the war in the long run.

You can claim your free copy of A Total War Saga: Troy on the Epic Games Store until August 14, 9 p.m. (GMT+8).

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