Epic Games has announced the Summer Smash Cup, an in-game Fortnite tournament that will be taking place this weekend.

If you’re wondering why a ‘Summer’ tournament is taking place in early February, it’s because the tournament is a tie-in with the Australian Open tennis tournament.

The Summer Smash Cup will reward its best players with the game’s first-ever competitive skins.

The tournament will only accept players who play on OCE (Oceania) and Asia servers and have a level 15 or higher account.

The Summer Smash Cup will take place on February 1-2 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. (GMT+8).

Players will be able to play 10 matches each day to earn their points and prizes. If you happen to have a handful of victory royales, you may qualify for the higher-tier prizes.

Here are the prizes you can earn from the Summer Smash Cup:

  • Top 10% of all players: Komplex character skin
  • Top 25%: Exclusive pickaxe
  • Top 50%: Exclusive weapon wrap
  • Participation: Three exclusive sprays

For more information about the Summer Smash Cup, you check out the official rules here.

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