Last call: two teams to book their tickets to The International 11’s group stage.

The TI11 Last Chance qualifier is the final opportunity for 12 teams to squeeze their way into the biggest Dota 2 event of the year.

With representatives from six regions and millions of dollars on the line, this is also a chance to settle the debate as to which region deserves the additional slots.

What is the TI11 Last Chance qualifier?

Team Secret at TI11 Last Chance qualifier
Credit: Team Secret

The qualifier will see five days of intense action, running from October 8 to 12.

The group stage will last for the first two days. The playoffs will take place starting October 10, and will last three days — eventually deciding the last two teams to join the TI11 group stage.

TI11 Last Chance qualifier schedule and results

Group stage

Group A

1stNatus Vincere7 — 32 — 3 — 0
2ndVici Gaming6 — 42 — 2 — 1
3rdTeam Secret6 — 41 — 4 — 0
4thPolaris Esports6 — 42 — 2 — 1
5thnouns4 — 61 — 2 — 2
6thTempest1 — 90 — 1 — 4

Group B

1stTeam Liquid8 — 23 — 2 — 0
2ndXtreme Gaming6 — 42 — 2 — 1
3rdVirtus.pro5 — 51 — 3 — 1
4thT15 — 51 — 3 — 1
5thInfamous3 — 70 — 3 — 2
6thWildcard Gaming3 — 70 — 3 — 2

October 8

Stream A

Team Secret2 – 0Tempest
T10 – 2Team Liquid
nouns0 – 2Polaris Esports
Xtreme Gaming1 –

Stream B

nouns0 – 2Natus Vincere
Polaris Esports1 – 1Natus Vincere
Tempest0 – 2Vici Gaming
Tempest0 – 2Natus Vincere

Stream C

Xtreme Gaming1 – 1Team Liquid
Xtreme Gaming2 – 0Wildcard Gaming
Wildcard Gaming1 –
Team Liquid1 – 1Infamous

Stream D

Virtus.pro2 – 0Infamous
Vici Gaming1 – 1Team Secret
T11 – 1Infamous
Team Secret1 – 1nouns

October 9

Stream A

Team Secret1 – 1Polaris Esports
Vici Gaming1 – 1Natus Vincere
T11 –
Vici Gaming2 – 0Polaris Esports

Stream B

T12 – 0Xtreme Gaming
Xtreme Gaming2 – 0Infamous
Tempest0 – 2Polaris
T11 – 1Wildcard Gaming

Stream C

Vici Gaming0 – 2nouns
Tempest1 – 1nouns
Team Secret1 – 1Natus Vincere

Stream D

Wildcard Gaming0 – 2Team Liquid
Team Liquid2 –
Infamous1 – 1Wildcard Gaming


October 10

Upper bracket quarterfinals

Stream A

Team Secret2 – 1Xtreme Gaming
Team Liquid2 – 1Polaris Esports

Stream B

Natus Vincere1 – 2T1
Virtus.pro2 – 1Vici Gaming

Lower bracket round 1

Stream A

Xtreme Gaming2 – 1Infamous
Polaris Esports0 – 2Wildcard Gaming

Stream B

Natus Vincere2 – 0Tempest
Vici Gaming2 – 0nouns

October 11

Upper bracket semifinals

Stream A

T10 – 2Team Secret

Stream B

Virtus.pro2 – 1Team Liquid

Lower bracket round 2

Stream A

Natus Vincere1 – 2Xtreme Gaming

Stream B

Vici Gaming2 – 0Wildcard Gaming

Lower bracket quarterfinals

Stream A

Team Liquid2 – 0Xtreme Gaming

Stream B

T11 – 2Vici Gaming

October 12

Upper bracket final

Team Secret2 –

Lower bracket semifinal

Vici Gaming1 – 2Team Liquid

Lower bracket final


Teams competing in the TI11 Last Chance qualifier

No[o]ne with VP at DreamLeague Season 13
Credit: DreamHack

A total of 12 teams, comprising the second and third-place teams from the Regional Qualifiers, are in the mix.

North America

  • Nouns
  • Wildcard Gaming

South America

  • Infamous
  • Tempest

Western Europe

  • Team Liquid
  • Team Secret

Eastern Europe

  • Natus Vincere
  • Virtus Pro


  • Vici Gaming
  • Xtreme Gaming

Southeast Asia

  • Polaris Esports
  • T1

Format of the TI11 Last Chance qualifier

Vici Gaming Eurus ONE Esports World Dota 2 Invitational
Credit: ONE Esports

Two groups of six teams will play a best-of-two round-robin to determine seeding for the playoffs. The top four teams in each group will head to the upper bracket, while the bottom two will go to the lower bracket.

Teams will play best-of-three matches in the playoffs. The winners of the upper bracket and lower bracket finals will earn qualification to TI11.

Where to watch TI11 Last Chance qualifier?

T1 Topson
Credit: ONE Esports

Throughout the group stage, four games will be running separately on PGL’s Twitch streams: PGL_Dota2, PGL_DOTAEN2, PGL_DOTA2EN3, and PGL_DOTA2EN4.

For the playoffs, there will just be two separate broadcasts — PGL_Dota2 and PGL_DOTAEN2.

For the final day, games will be streamed on PGL’s main Twitch channel. All broadcasts will also be available on YouTube.

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