Fun comes in all forms, as for Dota 2 professional player Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang, it’s trolling his opponents in Age of Empires 4 by pushing the concept of the Great Wall of China to a whole new level.

The competitive Dota 2 scene is currently experiencing its offseason. Many pros including iceiceice, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, and Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg have returned to streaming their ranked games for viewers to enjoy on Twitch.

Though this time, it seems iceiceice may have fallen into an Age of Empires 4 rabbit hole and fans are loving it.

Iceiceice wanted to practice playing as the Chinese civilization during his Age of Empires 4 Twitch stream

Previously playing as the Mongols, he wanted to get some practice in playing as the Chinese. Iceiceice queued into an online game where he was quickly matched up against an opponent who commanded the Russians.

Everything was seemingly normal as workers were made and scouts traveled around the map, until fans noticed the walls slowly going up during the stream. He raised walls at choke points all over the map to stop his opponent’s cavalry from harassing his workers.

Then his opponent started to wall him up too.

The war of the walls had begun

Not caring whether he would win or lose, he decided to troll his opponent by building layers upon layers of walls around the map. Calling himself a ‘peaceful wall builder’ he proceeded to only produce workers and trolling his opponent by blocking the map with even more walls. All the while, viewers happily gave out pointers in the stream chat to help Iceiceice with his cause.

Unfortunately, the walls couldn’t keep the Russians at bay forever. His opponent came knocking with a massive army consisting mostly of ranged cavalry, mobile cannons, and eventually battering rams to break through his defenses.

Iceiceice destroys his own structures in Age of Empires 4 just to build more walls

Even as his hard work began to come crashing down, he refused to surrender. Running out of land to build on, he started destroying his own structures to just to have more building space.

Whilst watching his opponent move their units at a crawl along the edge of a mountain, he even contemplated the idea of defending a Wonder with lots of walls. As much as it sounds like a horrible idea, who wouldn’t want to see it after seeing this game?

Amused with himself after 30 minutes of non-stop trolling, he surrenders the game to his opponent. The complete VOD of this bizarre match can be found on iceiceice’s Twitch channel.

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