Valve officially released the cosmetics for the DPC Spring Lineage Treasure—and they are a big improvement over last tour’s disappointing sets.

The Spring Lineage Treasure features some nicely-retouched skins, some of which were previously exclusive to certain battle passes. While they still consist of mostly older sets, many of them are relatively modern and will not look out of place amongst the shinier hats in Dota 2.

Dota 2
Credit: Valve

And all you have to do to collect them is start playing some fantasy.

How to play fantasy to earn DPC Spring Lineage Treasures

Even if you haven’t dabbled in fantasy yet, there’s still time to get more treasures by putting in some research and effort.

Simply access the fantasy tab in-game to open up your player packs. Everybody gets 10 player packs to start with, and one for a daily win. You can even purchase packs for real money.

Players will be able to get one treasure for every four levels they earn. Being in the top 100th, 50th, 25th, or 10th percentile will earn you one, two, three, and four levels respectively. This means that simply by participating over the DPC season, you’ll likely earn one or two treasures.

To get the most out of your line ups, it’s good to focus on just one region. Fantasy players do not get multiple rewards for playing multiple regions, though hedging your bets might help you get better scores.

Reddit user Hawkie74 is known for consistently posting fantasy guides on the Dota 2 subreddit. These guides should give you a good baseline for which players to select for your preferred regions.

Remember—good players don’t necessarily earn a lot of fantasy points. Offlaners are historically bad for these sort of counting stats, for example, while a team’s warding strategy can heavily concentrate those juicy Observer Wards Planted stats on certain supports.

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