Magic: The Gathering has teamed up with tennis brand K-Swiss to deliver a unique shoe collaboration.

The K-Swiss Jace Beleren was inspired by one of the game’s popular Planeswalkers. The shoe comes in shades of blue and white with the ring symbol on Jace’s cloak taken and printed on the sides.

The M:TG logo can also be found on the tongue with matching red metal lace clip-ons pulled from his character design.

Credit: K-Swiss

Upon closer inspection, fans will also see that the sockliners present an artwork of the legendary planeswalker.

To top it all off, these kicks will be your source of light at night as they glow in the dark inspired by Jace’s telepathic powers.

The K-Swiss Jace Beleren sneaker is priced at US$100. It became a hit and sold out immediately due to its very limited stocks. However, fans are hoping the game would make more “magic” shoes in the future.

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