Magic: The Gathering Arena, the digital version of the renowned card game, is finally coming to mobile devices later this year.

This was revealed in an earnings call by Hasbro, Inc. last February 11. In the conference, the toy company reported an increased revenue growth in Magic: The Gathering Arena throughout 2019. To maintain this profit, MTG will be launching iOS and Android versions of the game later this year.

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner is delighted to have MTG finally be available on smartphones, according to David McCoy.

“Magic Arena will move to mobile in 2020,” Goldner said on the call, also expressing that it’s “incredibly exciting as [this will] give more people access to Magic Arena.”

More information about Magic: The Gathering Arena mobile will be revealed at the upcoming New York Toy Fair on February 21. Hasbro will hold its 2020 Entertainment Brand Preview during the event.

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