On December 31, 2019, Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins released a limited-edition sneaker in collaboratio with Adidas. His fans didn’t waste a single second snapping up the signature kicks.

Within just 40 minutes of orders going live, the adult-size versions of the Time-In Nite Joggers were completely sold out. A bewildered Ninja announced the news in a quick tweet:

“First Adidas launch for me and I’m just speechless,” said the Mixer streamer. “2020’s going to be an incredible year so happy new years, guys.”

The shoes commemorate Ninja’s dedication to his streaming career. Aside from “NINJA” and the collab tag-line “TIME-IN” on the insides of the shoe, they also feature a “20K” label, representing his 20,0000-hour milestone in streaming.

It’s no surprise that the Time-In Nite Joggers are already increasing in value. Originally priced at US$150, the sneakers now cost around US$200 on online markets like StockX.

Seeing how successful the Time-In Nite Joggers were, Adidas may soon follow up with another Ninja shoe within the next year or so. We can also expect the sportswear company to scout out more gaming personalities to become part of its brand.

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