Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV, known for his high-energy streams, iconic mullet, and status as a two-time champion, was banned from Twitch in 2020, reportedly due to violations of the livestreamig platform’s TOS.

It was never specifically revealed what caused the ban. He then went on to rebuild his entire channel and community from scratch on YouTube, where he is currently thriving with 4.72 million subscribers.

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Recently, the rumors of Dr Disrespect moving to Kick, another livestreaming platform, picked up pace.

In a recent YouTube stream, he revealed that Kick apparently offered him $10 million per annum without indulging in gambling streams.

However, it seems the negotiations between the two parties have fallen through.

Here’s why Dr Disrespect rejected Kick’s $10 million offer

Screenshot of Dr Disrespect while livestreaming on YouTube
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While it may seem like a big number, this is the end for the rumors of Dr Disrespect moving to Kick. 

His decision to reject Kick’s lucrative offer might seem surprising, especially given the platform’s aggressive efforts to lure the biggest names, including Félix “xQc” Lengyel, who reportedly earns almost $100 million per year at Kick.

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According to Dr Disrespect, he demanded half of that. “It’s just not enough. I’m not budging from that one. Fifty million you get the two-time. If not, I’m not interested in moving,” he said.

Dr Disrespect also made it quite clear that while he loves and respects Kick, his counteroffer is strictly non-negotiable, and he won’t be budging.

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Kick, which has been positioning itself as a competitor to established platforms like Twitch and YouTube, was keen to bring Dr Disrespect on board.

However, Paulie Chianese, Head of Product at Kick, clarified that they needed to “ground things in reality” despite their wish to have him on board.

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“I love the Doc. I’ve watched him for years and years. I think he’s one of the most entertaining streamers in the business. But fifty million is fifty million,” he said.

Where does Dr Disrespect stream?

Currently, Dr Disrespect streams on YouTube, where he has over 4 million subscribers. 

Despite Kick’s tempting offer, he remains focused on his current projects and future opportunities that align with his vision.

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He may have shown interest in joining Kick by putting forward his demand of $50 million, but he has no strong motives to leave YouTube. 

On numerous occasions on his stream, he has emphasized that the community he has built on YouTube is strong and well-established, with impressive numbers. If the folks at Kick want Dr Disrespect on board, they will have to meet his number.

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