After completing a week-long Elden Ring marathon, Kai Cenat believes it’s the best game he has ever played. For those who’re unaware, Cenat went on an Elden Ring marathon, pledging to finish the game on livestream.

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With minimal experience in ARPG, fans weren’t convinced he could achieve this feat. But, it turns out, content creator has a knack for impossibly challenging action games. The Twitch star has beaten some of the most difficult bosses the gme has to offer in 167 hours, with 1,700 deaths. 

While his journey was by no means a walk in the park, the marathon left him believing Elden Ring is the best game he’s played on stream. 

Kai Cenat thinks Elden Ring is pure cinema 

Malenia Elden Ring
Credit: FromSoftware
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After completing the game, Cenat shared his opinion of Elden Ring, the 2022 game of the year. Despite dying to an optional boss, Malenia, 400 times, he still gave the game a solid 10 for being a visually pleasant and well-optimized game.

The streamer is all praises for FromSoftware’s game, claiming he liked it so much he even enjoyed dying to the bosses. 

“This game is a cinema. Although I died multiple times, it was very rewarding; I literally enjoyed every boss death. I don’t know what game compares to this right now,” he said.

Elden Ring is not for the faint of heart. It’s an uber-competitive game that requires patience and practice. Since Cenat has more experience with games like GTA Online, Minecraft, and similar ones, his new challenge was unfamiliar territory for him. 

He did, however, concede that the FromSoftware title wasn’t an easy nut to crack. The streaming star stated that every game he plays from now on will feel easier.

Elden Ring and Dvalin from Genshin Impact in ONE Esports featured image for article 5 reasons why Elden Ring and Genshin Impact are basically the same game
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 “I never felt this good about gaming since 2017, and I mean that! Now, every game I touch after this will be mentally easier for me, do you understand that?” He said. 

The game skyrocketed in popularity during its first year of release, but the hype eventually boiled down to a few thousand concurrent players.

However, thanks to Cenat’s marathon, the game is back in the top five most-viewed games on Twitch. His positive review is also attracting more players to FromSoftware’s ARPG.

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