With many popular creators, former professional players, and more getting access to the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, there are plenty of opinions being shared.

Both Tarik “tarik” Celik and Michael “shroud” Grzesiek have been open with their thoughts on the highly anticipated game. The two were lucky enough to gain access, something the majority have yet to do.

Regardless of their past, tarik and shroud are enjoying Counter-Strike 2

When asked by chat what he thought, tarik said “I think it’s cool, but like, I hope there’s way more sh*t coming.”

He went on to explain that it’s “basically CS, and it’s just a little different. And changing anything in CS is already f**king huge.”

To be frank, he’s not wrong. Counter-Strike is not known for making changes very often, if at all. The game really does live by the if it’s not broken, don’t fix it mentality.

Can’t really fault the developers, however, given the game has maintained its place at the top of esports for over 20 years.

He closed his thoughts by reiterating that he hopes “to god that there’s way more sh*t.”

Shroud spoke on some of the additions during his first stream after the announcement. During the broadcast, he went through the various updates the newest iteration of the game was bringing, but one, in particular, stood out to him.

While looking at the UI enhancements section of the game’s official page, he noticed one little detail he’s a huge fan of. The new UI will showcase a set of cards at the bottom showing aces.

“This is what I was talking about!” he exclaimed. “Literally yesterday when we were playing, I was wondering why there’s no — give me some f**king gas when I get an ace,” he added. “About f**king time.”

For now, most of the questions are directed toward what else is coming, when will more maps come, is the sub-tick situation actually better, and what’s going on with the movement.

It’s still early, and plenty more updates are expected to come. For now, though, most creators seem to be a fan of the direction Valve is moving with the title. Whether or not this excitement will fade quickly, over time, or not at all is yet to be known.

Now all we need is more access to get handed out so we can gather even more opinions. If you’re wondering how you can see if you’re able to jump into the beta, here’s exactly what you should be looking for.

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