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The 5-star Anemo DPS, Xiao, has one of the most complicated character designs in Genshin Impact.

A closer look at the Vigilant Yaksha’s guise reveals layers of intricate details that went into his mask and tattoos, making him quite a challenging character to draw or cosplay.

GENSHIN IMPACT Liyue Harbor Series: Character Stand - Xiao
Credit: HoYoverse
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One Chinese cosplayer took this challenge head-on and showed us how it’s done, resulting in the most breathtaking, flawless Xiao cosplay we have ever seen.

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Cosplayer 流沐 (Liumu) wowed the Genshin community with their insane portrayal of the 5-star Anemo, paying close attention to every minuscule detail in the character’s costume.

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The wig was perfectly styled, with its roots and underside dyed a lovely shade of teal. We also appreciate the cosplayer’s effort to include Xiao’s very adorable cowlick.

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Of course, Liumu also donned the character’s iconic yaksha mask which was “inspired by Chinese exorcism masks, which inspire fear and offer protection” according to a developer blog by HoYoverse.

The yakshas were a race of supernatural creatures contracted by the Geo Archon, Morax, to protect Liyue from harm caused by the Archon war.

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Liumu did such a superb job on their eye makeup too that we actually felt the intensity of their gaze from our screens.

The cosplayer also took the time to do the photoshoot in a cave-like setting, reminding us of the grim fate of Xiao’s fellow yaksha and dear friend, Bosacius.

Xiao is the sole surviving yaksha in Genshin Impact. The rest of his squad departed after being consumed by karmic debt. Xiao is also known as General Alatus and has close ties with the Geo god.

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Aside from Xiao, 流沐 has also cosplayed other Genshin characters like Alhaitham and Kaeya.

Fans can follow the Chinese cosplayer on their Weibo account (@Coser流沐).

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