MiHoYo’s open-world role-playing game Genshin Impact is not just about the waifus and husbandos — it’s also about damage numbers.

With weapon and artifact statistics combined, it’s difficult to really understand a character’s pure Genshin Impact damage.

Luckily for fans, math genius and Redditor u/YuminaNirvalen has created a Genshin Impact damage calculation guide that discusses everything a player needs to know, from elemental reactions to shields.

This is the ultimate guide to Genshin Impact damage calculation

Genshin Impact damage calculation guide by Redditor /u/YuminaNirvalen
Credit: u/YuminaNirvalen

If you are obsessed with Genshin Impact damage numbers, this one is for you.

Using their love for LaTeX mathematics, Redditor u/YuminaNirvalen built the most detailed guide on Genshin Impact damage that the community has ever seen. LaTeX is a markup language that enables its users to write math formulas and equations with the help of codes.

u/YuminaNirvalen‘s guide spans 21 pages and dives deep into concepts, including how to get your base damage, total damage, elemental reactions, and even a comparison for the best shielders in the game.

The author also dedicated a section discussing complex examples to help players further understand how the equations work.

“(Use this guide) if you want to know if you should go for a specific constellation or not,” explained u/YuminaNirvalen. “(Especially) if you don’t want to get influenced by let’s say YouTube videos about that stuff, since those ‘showcases’ often aren’t really ‘trustworthy’ since they use different weapons/teams etc.”

It can also be used to figure out how a talent or weapon changes a player’s damage output.

View the full Genshin Impact damage calculation PDF on the Redditor’s Google Drive.

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