It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s AoV Superman!

Superman is in the meta right now, for he was widely picked throughout the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) 2021. Pros such as VGaming’s Nguyễn “BirdLB” Văn Hiếu and dtac Talon Esports’ Thana “NTNz” Somboonprom popped off using the DC superhero.

So how exactly do you play Superman in your normal or ranked Arena of Valor (AoV) games? Here are some tips and tricks, and the ideal Superman build.

AoV Superman runes

Arena of Valor, Justice Lord Superman skin
Credit: TiMi Studios, DC Comics

As for the runes, choose the red rune with physical attack/armor to give Superman a little more damage in the early game, and then pair it with the green rune for health, heal, and speed.

Throw in the blue rune too, with max health, cooldown reduction or armor, and armor cooldown reduction to maximize Superman’s resistances.

AoV Superman build

Arena of Valor, AoV Superman build, items
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

Superman becomes more powerful when you increase the strength of his armor, making him more resistant against potential attacks.

For a tanky Superman build, you will need to buy:

  • Odin’s Will
  • Gilded Greaves
  • Gaia’s Standard
  • Blade of Eternity
  • Rock Shield

The rest of your Superman build depends on the in-game situation. For example, if the opponent’s marksman is too strong, building Mail of Pain is ideal.

However, if you’re up against enemies with tons of damage and you have no armor, it’s best to include Amulet of Longevity in your Superman build.

AoV Superman talents

Arena of Valor, Godfall Superman skin
Credit: TiMi Studios, DC Comics

Purify and Sprint works best with AoV Superman when it comes to talents.

Superman guide: Tips and tricks you need to know

Arena of Valor, Superman
Credit: TiMi Studios, DC Comics

Unlike his comic counterpart, AoV Superman is not a hero designed to engage in a 1v1 fight.

He shines best when players take advantage of the added movement speed from his Flying state, especially during team fights. His ultimate also has a knockback that can push multiple enemies and destroy them in the blink of an eye.

As Superman, you need to keep moving out of the opponent’s line of sight to assert “invisible” lane pressure where you cause the enemy team to constantly be on the lookout for you and your attacks.

This can either cause your team a disadvantage, or enforce even more lane pressure on the enemy, especially when each team are set on fulfilling objectives in the late game.

How to counter AoV Superman

Arena of Valor, Superman
Credit: TiMi Studios, DC Comics

So how do you exactly counter Superman?

The answer lies in denying vision. As much as possible, you need to punish him for his lack of map awareness in order to gain an advantage against his mobility.

Superman is only powerful when he can sneak behind the enemy team in Flight mode. Take it from the pro players — don’t openly attack Superman from the front, because he will just utilize his mobility to counter any attacks.

Here are some superb Superman plays from captured by Garena:

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