Rampart is a Controller Legend that locks down areas with tactical barriers and a hi-powered minigun in Apex Legends.

Her passive gives her proficiency with all LMGs. While her skills seem straightforward, the Amped Modder can gatekeep any position if you maximize her abilities.

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In this Rampart Apex Legends guide, we’re diving into the Legend’s skills, best loadouts in Season 20, and the best way to use her abilities.

Rampart Apex Legends guide: Explaining Rampart’s abilities and tips on using them

Rampart is a Controller-class Legend that can trap opponents and secure a site for your team.

Similar to other Controllers like Caustic or Wattson, Rampart can use Ring Consoles to reveal the next Ring in the Outlands.

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Rampart abilities explained

Here’s everything you need to know about Rampart’s abilities in Apex Legends:

  • Modded Loader – Rampart’s passive ability.
    • 15% more magazine size on LMGs
    • 25% faster reload speed on LMGs
  • Amped Cover – Rampart deploys a rectangular wall with a screen that amps all outgoing shots.
    • 3 charges
    • 20-second cooldown per charge
    • The physical wall has 500 health; the Amp wall has 250 health
    • Rampart can pick up undamaged walls
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  • Mobile Minigun “Sheila” – Rampart’s ultimate ability is a devastating minigun used on the go or in a stationary turret.
    • Single-magazine minigun (173 rounds)
    • Switching weapons stashes Sheila with it’s current ammo count
    • An emplaced Sheila has 350 health and unlimited ammo

Use Amped Cover to reach higher ground

Besides blocking projectiles, bounding over Amped Cover also lets you climb hard-to-reach platforms and balconies. So place your walls near the high ground in case your squad needs to reposition.

Rampart’s wall can also be used for a ‘Super Glide’. So keep that in mind when an enemy gets too close.

Regain ult charge by toggling “fire-mode”

Sheila brings a ton of firepower to every teamfight. But did you know that you can exchange a low-ammo turret for a percentage of Rampart’s ult charge?

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Press the ammo select fire/fire mode button with mobile Sheila out to regain up to 75% ult charge. This is especially useful when you’re low on ammo and/or want to build another ultimate before the next fight.

Always pick up your walls

Picking up Rampart’s Amped Covers lets you use them longer, saving time on your cooldowns.

If a wall gets destroyed, it takes 20 seconds until you get another Amped Cover charge. Instead, constantly reuse the walls you put down (when you can) to maximize their usage.

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Recycling a wall also gives you an advantage when you push through open areas. This requires some practice and good keybinds (do what feels right for you).

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be soloing squads in no time.

Hide Shiela’s laser

Rampart’s ultimate is her greatest asset. It provides the highest rate of fire out of any gun in Apex Legends and has relatively stable recoil. That said, it does have one small drawback: its laser sight.

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Holding corners is essential in most late-game skirmishes. But the visible laser can be a dead giveaway if you have your minigun out.

So, always be mindful of where you point Sheila, and you’ll only need to worry about the noise she makes.

Rampart Apex Legends guide: Best loadouts in Season 20 

These are the best guns for Rampart in Season 20:

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  1. Devotion – The Devotion is the best gun for Rampart right now. The LMG is in the Season 20 “Gold Weapons” rotation, so its superior firepower trumps all other guns in its class. Always be on the lookout for a Gold Devotion!
  2. Spitfire – A more common find in the LMG category. The Spitfire got some good buffs in Season 18, making it more accurate. Swappable with the L-STAR EMG if you’re better with energy weapons.
  3. Peacekeeper – Lastly, the Peacekeeper gives Rampart a lot of threat when enemies start closing in. The rate of fire is enough to break shields at point blank. And it’s super reliable when you swap out of your empty LMG.

The new Rampart Apex Legends kit is extremely reliable in close circles, but can be optimized to create a safe push with lots of movement techs.

Moreover, with the right weapons, she’ll be raining down bullets with Sheila faster than you can say “Amped Modder”.

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