Perfect mouse sensitivity is the key to becoming a pro shooter in FPS games, and Apex Legends is no different.

If you’re a CS2 or Valorant veteran who wants to test your shooting skills in Apex Legends, you must first convert your sensitivity to make a perfect switch. You can do this with an Apex Legends sensitivity converter.

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It’s not a secret that these three games use different sensitivity metrics, which means if you’re playing Valorant or CS2 on 1.5 mouse sensitivity, you can’t play Apex Legends on the same number.

So without any further ado, here’s how you can convert your CS2 and Valorant sensitivity to Apex Legends.

How to use Apex Legends sensitivity converter for Valorant and CS2 sensitivity

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There are two simple ways to convert your Valorant and CS2 mouse sensitivity to Apex Legends. The first method is to convert it manually using a simple formula. 

When it comes to Valorant, you only need to multiply your Valorant mouse sensitivity by 3.18 to get the Apex Legends sensitivity.

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For example, if you’re playing Valorant on sensitivity “2”, your Apex Legends sensitivity should be 2 * 3.18 = 6.36.

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On the other hand, the formula is a bit different for Counter-Strike 2. Thankfully, since Counter-Strike and Apex Legends are both developed on the Source Engine, you can use the same mouse sensitivity in the both games.

How to convert your sensitivty in Apex Legends
Credit: SteelSeries

Now there’s an alternative and easy way to find the perfect Apex Legends sensitivity from any game. You can use 3daimtrainer by SteelSeries, which is essentially an online sens calculator tool.

All you need to do is Choose an option in the dropdowns from which game or to which game you’d like to convert your sensitivity.

How to change your sensitivity after using Apex Legends sensitivity converter

Apex Legends sensitivity settings
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You can follow these steps if you want to change your sensitivity settings in Apex Legends:

  • Launch Apex Legends and head to the settings menu.
  • Navigate to the Mouse/Keyboard tab.
  • Find the “Mouse Sensitivity” option in the list.
  • Input your new sens you calculated using the aforementioned methods.
  • Hit enter to save changes.

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