Apex Legends characters are the heart of the game. The developers keep adding new characters and change the existing ones to refresh the meta.

Legends are the characters you can play in Apex Legends and Apex Legends Mobile. Each one is unique, with different abilities, styles, personalities, and lore.

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With new Legends coming to the game, the new players may have a hard time keeping track of them. We will list all the Apex Legends characters for your help.

All Apex Legends characters

Apex Legends Pathfinder concept art
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

We will divide all of the Apex Legends character into different categories to help you understand their type and make the list more intuitive.


Assault Legends excel in combat. They can unlock special compartments in Weapon Supply Bins for attachments and carry extra ammo in one slot.

  • Bangalore 
  • Fuse 
  • Ash 
  • Mad Maggie
  • Ballistic
Photo of a squad in Apex Legends Mobile
Credit: EA and Respawn Entertainment


Skirmisher Legends are experts at maneuvering in and out of battles smoothly. Their class perk lets them view the contents of Care Packages from afar. If a Care Package has been looted, they can still see what was taken.

  • Pathfinder
  • Wraith 
  • Octane
  • Revenant
  • Horizon
  • Valkyrie
Wrait in Apex Legends Mobile trailer
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports


Recon Legends specialize in collecting enemy information. Their class perk lets them use Survey Beacons to reveal enemy positions on the minimap for a brief duration

  • Bloodhound
  • Crypto
  • Seer
  • Vantage
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Inner beast collection event trailer -- apex free packs
Credit: Respawn Entertainment


Like the name suggests, Support Legends are all about aiding and protecting the squad. Their class perk lets them access hidden compartments in Extended Supply Bins, stocked with regen or survival items. 

  • Gibraltar
  • Lifeline
  • Mirage
  • Loba 
  • Newcastle
  • Conduit
Lifeline in Apex Legends Season 8 official wallpaper
Credit: Respawn Entertainment


Controller Legends specialize in occupying positions and trapping enemies. Their class perk enables them to use Ring Consoles to reveal the next location where the Ring will shrink. This can help teams strategize their next moves and stay ahead in the game.

  • Caustic
  • Wattson
  • Rampart
  • Catalyst
Apex Legends Wattson wave
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

That concludes our guide to all Apex Legends characters currently in the game.

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