The Thousand-Year Blood War also comes with what feels like a thousand characters.

The Bleach TYBW anime is a welcome adaptation for diehard fans. But for those who want to know a bit more about each character without veering off into endgame spoilers, here’s an introduction to Masaki Kurosaki — Ichigo’s mother, and a powerful character in her own right.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t read Bleach chapters 484 to 686

Who is Masaki Kurosaki in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War?

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Masaki
Credit: Studio Pierrot

Though Masaki’s screentime as Ichigo’s mother was lacking, we know that she’s a caring mother that her family truly loved. Ichigo, who was a crybaby as a child, would stop crying whenever he saw his mother, according to childhood friend Tatsuki Arisawa.

As one of the last pure Quincies, she was taken in by Ryuken Ishida’s mother for her own protection — and for a future marriage to Ryuken for the sake of a pure bloodline.

Personality and powers of Masaki Kurosaki in Bleach TYBW

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Masaki
Credit: Studio Pierrot

As a teenager in the Everything but the Rain arc, she was a feisty teenager that could be bold, especially in her interactions with Isshin Shiba and Ryuken Ishida.

Masaki was a powerful Quincy who was strong enough to defeat the Hollow White in one attack. White was a creature powerful enough to intimidate Divison 10 captain Isshin, and creator Sosuke Aizen said that he could defeat any captain armed with Shikai.

As a pure Quincy, she relies on Quincy techniques like Blut Vene (Blood Vein) and Heilig Bogen (Holy Bow). Her Blut Vene prevented her from suffering injuries in a fight against the captain-class White.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Masaki
Credit: Studio Pierrot

She can also manifest her Heilig Bogen in a smaller form, about the size of a handgun, that’s still capable of dealing heavy damage.

First appearance of Masaki Kurosaki in Bleach TYBW

Masaki was one of the first characters to be introduced in Bleach, appearing in chapter 1 and episode 1 as a gaudy memorial poster in the Kurosaki household.

Her younger self debuted in the Everything but the Rain arc, first appearing in episode 377 and chapter 528.

Where to read and watch Bleach

All 686 chapters of Bleach are officially available on the VIZ Media website.

The anime adaptation started airing on October 10, and will release new episodes every Monday. The series is available on several major streaming platforms, including Disney Plus, Netflix, and Prime Video, depending on your region.

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