Demon Slayer is an anime series that follows the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy who becomes a swordsman to save his younger sister, who was turned into a demon against her will.

Throughout the series, Tanjiro faces numerous challenges and battles powerful demons to find a solution that will turn his sister back into a human.

One of the questions that fans of the series often ask is whether Tanjiro becomes a Hashira, the highest-ranked Demon Slayer in the series.

To discover the answer, read on to find out how the series ends.

Warning: Major spoilers for fans who have not read until Chapter 129 of the manga and minor spoilers for those who have yet to watch the anime.

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The path to becoming a Hashira

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In the series, the Hashira are considered the elite group of Demon Slayers, holding tremendous strength and expertise in battling demons.

To attain the esteemed title of Hashira, a Demon Slayer must stand unrivaled among their peers. Therefore, only Kinoe-ranked members – the highest rank within the Corp – can become a Hashira.

There are two established ways to demonstrate one’s worthiness in becoming a Hashira. The first approach involves amassing a demon kill count of no less than 50.

The second method entails single-handedly defeating a demon who holds a rank within the Twelve Demon Moons, an elite group of demons who directly serve the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji.

The best path to becoming a Hashira is through succession. Most Hashira scout out talented Demon Slayers while they’re still in the process of mastering their Breathing Style. With the proper mentor, young recruits can speed up their development and become elite swordsmen.

Does Tanjiro become a Hashira at the end of the series?

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According to the Entertainment District Arc, Tanjiro holds the Kanoe rank, which is the fourth tier in the Corp. There are 10 ranks in total, with the following listed from weakest to strongest: Mizunoto, Mizunoe, Kanoto, Kanoe, Tsuchinoto, Tsuchinoe, Hinoto, Hinoe, Kinoto, and Kinoe.

All Demon Slayers undergo harsh and rigorous drills during the Hashira Training Arc. However, Tanjiro’s intense training is suddenly interrupted when Muzan goes after the leader of the Demon Slayers, Ubuyashiki Kagaya, which kick-starts the story’s final arc.

At the end of the Infinity Castle Arc, Muzan is defeated, and the entire Demon Slayer order is disbanded.

Based on Tanjiro’s progression as a swordsman, he was well on his way to becoming a Hashira. With Muzan gone, Tanjiro and the remaining Demon Slayers can now live peacefully with the world, finally rid of demons.

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