Muichiro Tokito, better known as the Mist Hashira, is one of the most intriguing characters in Demon Slayer.

The 14-year-old Hashira takes center stage in Season 3’s Swordsmith Village Arc. As the anime progresses, fans will have the opportunity to witness Muichiro’s exceptional character development firsthand.

Behind his cold and carefree personality lies a complex and mysterious past that has left fans of the anime and manga series eager to unravel the depths of his character.

If you’re curious about Muichiro’s life before he was a Demon Slayer and want to delve deeper into his story, we will discuss his traumatic past and uncover how it shaped his future.

Warning: Major spoilers for those who have yet to start watching Season 3 or haven’t read Chapter 98 of the manga.

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Who is Muichiro Tokito in Demon Slayer?

Muichiro Tokito in Demon Slayer
Credit: ufotable

Muichiro debuted in Chapter 44 of the manga and Episode 21 of the anime during the Master of the Mansion portion of the Rehabilitation Training Arc. Initially portrayed as an uncaring and aloof character, Muichiro appeared disinterested during a trial led by all the Hashira, even as the lives of the Kamado siblings hung in the balance.

Despite his awkward and unaccommodating personality, Muichiro is a prodigy in the Demon Slayer Corp. He has already earned a reputation as one of the strongest swordsmen in the organization, achieving the rank of Hashira in just two months of training. But there’s more to Muichiro than just his impressive combat skills.

In Episode 49 of the anime, fans got a glimpse into the tragic past of the Mist Hashira. Before he joined the Demon Slayer Corps, Muichiro lived a simple life with his twin brother Yuichiro and their parents. However, everything changed when their mother fell ill, and their father left to find medicinal herbs. Unfortunately, the situation only worsened when their father never returned, falling off a cliff during a storm and devastating the family.

The loss of their parents had a profound impact on both brothers, but while Muichiro remained optimistic, Yuichiro developed a bleak and selfish outlook on life. He believed that helping others would only lead to trouble, and he pushed this philosophy onto Muichiro.

When Ubuyashiki Kagaya’s wife, Amane, offered to recruit the twins into the Demon Slayer Corps, Muichiro was excited at the prospect of becoming a powerful swordsman and helping others. However, Yuichiro opposed the idea as he was only interested in keeping himself and his brother alive in a world that he saw as cruel and unforgiving.

Tragedy struck the Tokito brothers once again when they were attacked by a demon while sleeping in their cabin. Yuichiro fought valiantly to protect Muichiro, but the demon’s fatal blow left him severely injured.

In a fit of rage, Muichiro summoned all his strength to take on the demon single-handedly, fighting through the night until sunrise. When the demon finally turned to ash, Muichiro returned to the cabin to find Yuichiro near death, praying for his twin’s survival.

In his final moments, Yuichiro revealed the meaning behind the ‘Mu’ in Muichiro’s name — infinity — and held onto his brother’s hand as he passed away.

Devastated and alone, Muichiro was eventually found by Amane, who brought him back to Ubuyashiki. The experience left a lasting impact on Muichiro, shaping him into the complex character we know in the series.

Muichiro Tokito in Demon Slayer
Credit: ufotable

Muichiro’s strength as a Demon Slayer comes from his heritage. He is directly related to Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the strongest Demon Slayer ever and the first creator of Breathing Styles. Yoriichi is the only man Muzan Kabutsuki fears, and this hatred drives him to whip out the Demon Slayer Corp and kill anyone wearing hanafuda earrings.

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