July is another exciting month of the year featuring some of the most anticipated anime series releases.

Additionally, we will also be able to enjoy some of the most unique but underestimated series, making the month a well-rounded and exciting package for fans.

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We have a great mix of both in this month’s best anime series to watch edition. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Note: The following list of the top anime series is presented in no particular order. 

Best anime: Oshi No Ko

Taiki from one of the best anime series July 2024: Oshi No Ko
Credit: Doga Kobo

What is better than beginning the month with Oshi No Ko, an anime with one of the best directions and storylines? Entering its Season 2 after a tremendous award-winning first season, Oshi No Ko showcases the real lives of Japanese stars behind the glamorous lifestyle presented to the public.

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Ai, a music star in the group B Komachi, is loved by fans; however, she takes a break from her career due to pregnancy. She visits a doctor who has always dreamt of meeting her, and Ai gives birth to twins who turn out to be the doctor’s deceased children and this completely changes the relationship between them moving further.

Oshi No Ko Season 2 will be available to stream on July 3 and you can check out its trailer below.

Best anime: Suicide Squad Isekai

Joker from Suicide Squad Isekai
Credit: Wit Studio

If you are a DC fan, you are in for a treat as Suicide Squad Isekai will send your favorite heroes to a fantasy world of orc rampages and dragons. In this anime series, Amanda Waller, the head of A.R.G.U.S. in Gotham, brings together Harley Quinn, The Joker, and the Suicide Squad and sends them to a world of swords and magic. 

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Their goal is to get rid of the monsters, and the catch is that if they fail, the lethal explosives planted in their necks will kill them, so their lives literally depend on it. Suicide Squad Isekai offers a unique blend of action and fantasy and is already praised by fans for the imaginative angle the storywriters have brought. 

Best anime: My Deer Friend Nokotan

Torako Koshi from My Deer Friend Nokotan
Credit: Wit Studio

Releasing on July 6, My Deer Friend Nokotan is perfect for those who want to watch some light-hearted comedy. It showcases the story of Torako Koshi and her mischievous adventures with a deer-girl she rescued one day on her way to school. 

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The girl joins Torako’s school as Noko Shikanoko and drags her in various bizarre antics. My Deer Friend Nokotan is a must watch anime series with your kids on the weekend and have fun. 

Best anime: Ghost Cat Anzu

Anzu from Ghost Cat Anzu -- one of the best anime series in July 2024
Credit: Shin-Ei Animation/Miyu Productions

Dogs might be considered the guards but cats are known to be equally or even more furious and fearless. Now imagine having a cat fighter always by your side as your protector and best friend. Ghost Cat Anzu will bring this imagination to life for you.

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Karin, an 11 years old kid, gets abandoned by her father at her grandfather’s house. The grandfather thus asks his ghost cat, Anzu, to take care of her and this became a massive turning point in her life.

This is the only movie in our list this month but we couldn’t resist to include it, so give it a watch.

Best anime: Bye Bye, Earth

Belle Lablac from Bye Bye, Earth

Bye Bye, Earth tells the story of Belle Lablac, a girl who is born in the world of animals. Being the only human, she always felt lonely and was called Faceless as she didn’t have the body features like animals. 

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To end her loneliness, she embarks on a quest to learn more about her and potentially find others like her while carrying Runding, a great sword. Along the way, she faces some of the toughest situations and we will witness her overcoming those obstacles. 

Bye Bye, Earth will be available to stream on July 12 and you can check out its trailer below.

Best anime: Love Is Indivisible by Twins

Jun Shirasaki and Naori Jinguuji from Love Is Indivisible by Twins
Credit: ROLL2

Based on the Japanese light novel series of the same name, Love Is Indivisible by Twins presents a love triangle story between Jun Shirasaki and her neighbor sisters, Naori and Ryuumi. Ryummi, Jun’s first girlfriend, breaks up with him and he starts dating Naori. 

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However, one day, a question from Ryummi—”Why don’t you go out with me? How about trying it out?” changes the relationship among them forever.

Jun doesn’t mind being the sandwich but it will be interesting to see who he ends up with. Releasing on July 10, the anime series promises to present great comedic and romantic sequences that you will enjoy with your loved ones or solo.

We hope you have an entertaining month, see you next time!

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