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The idol industry just got a lot darker, and way more catchy, thanks to the anime sensation, Oshi no Ko. 

Since bursting onto the scene in April 2023, this show has captivated audiences with its unflinching look behind the glittering facade of idol stardom. 

But the anime isn’t just about the drama — it boasts a soundtrack that’s as addictive, with the Oshi no Ko opening song leading the charge and setting the tone for the series.

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The fun doesn’t stop with anime’s OP. This anime boasts a collection of fun, character-driven songs that delve deeper into the world of idols and their aspirations. 

Grab your glowstick and get ready to dive into the musical world of Oshi no Ko.

What is Oshi no Ko about?

The series, written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari, begins with the story of Ai Hoshino, a prominent figure and main attraction of the up-and-coming idol group B-Komachi. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes pregnant at 16.

Despite this, she decides to take a break from her idol career to focus on her family. As she navigates the challenges of being a teenage mother and a popular idol, she discovers the harsh realities of the entertainment industry.

Season 1 Oshi no Ko opening song

The opening song of season 1 is the hit song Idol by Yoasabi, comprised of Vocaloid producer Ayase and singer-songwriter Lilas Ikuta.

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Yoasobi’s Idol isn’t just the electrifying opening song for the hit anime Oshi no Ko — it’s a phenomenon. With over 465 million views on YouTube, this catchy anthem perfectly captures the show’s dark and captivating exploration of the idol industry.

The song’s layered lyrics explore the ambition, vulnerability, and manufactured perfection that defines idol life, all backed by an infectious melody. But Idol isn’t all darkness — the upbeat tempo and Ayase’s captivating vocals also reflect the undeniable allure of idol stardom.

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Yoasobi even released an English version of Idol for international fans, ensuring its message resonates globally.

The popular musical duo also provided the opening theme, Yuusha, for the hit anime Frieren Beyond Journey’s End.

Season 1 Oshi no Ko ending song

The anime’s ending theme song is Mephisto by the Japanese rock band Queen Bee. 

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The song injects a dose of rebellion into the series, highlighting the darker side of chasing fame through its powerful vocals and driving guitar riffs. It’s a perfect contrast to the show’s dazzling idol world.

Queen Bee’s music has been featured in several popular anime shows, including the ending theme Half in Tokyo Ghoul Re, the opening theme Kaen in Dororo, and the featured song Violence in Chainsaw Man.

Season 1 was about more than just the opening and ending themes. Three additional insert songs were featured throughout the episodes, including Our Sign is B, Star T Rain, and Heart’s Kiss by different artists.

What is the opening and ending song of Oshi no Ko season 2?

Oshi no Ko season 2 characters Aqua Hoshino, Kana Arima, Akane Kurokawa, and more
Credit: Doga Kobo

The opening theme for Oshi no Ko season 2 is Fatale by the musical group GEMN.

GEMN’s Kento Nakajima and Tatsuya Kitani are notable musical artists.

Kento Nakajima gained fame with the boy band Timelesz and as an actor in Japanese dramas. Tatsuya Kitani is a solo artist known for hit tracks like Where Our Blue Is for Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 part 1 and Preview of Me for the Go! Go! Loser Ranger anime.

The ending song for Oshi no Ko season 2 is Burning by Hitsujibungaku. At the time of writing, the song hasn’t been officially released.

The second season of Oshi no Ko premieres on July 3, 2024.

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The second season dives into the Tokyo Blade stage play arc! A new teaser shows the characters in costume, with Kana Arima as Tsurugi, Akane Kurokawa as Sayahime, and Aqua Hoshino as Touki.

Full Oshi no Ko soundtrack

The OST, produced by Takurou Iga, was released on digital platforms on June 28th, 2023, and on physical media on September 27th, 2023.

1My Idol is pregnant!
2Ai 1
4Chase in the woods
6Monologue 1
7Lie and Calculation
9Peaceful Life
11Mystery (w/o Perc)
12Monologue 2
13Ai 2
14Ordinary Days
15My first TV series
16Low-budget production
18Honest Feeling 1
19Vague Anxiety
20View from the window
21I can dance!
22Ai 2 with rhythem
23A lie turned out to be true
24Mother and Children
25Bygone Death
26Beginning of the revenge
28Float on air
29A plot
31Aqua’s plot
33With you
34Explanation and Introduction
35Kyo-ama 1
36Kyo-ama 2
37Well, well…
40Jingle 1
41Challenge completed
42Rivalry 1
45Worry and fear
46Under fire
48Jingle 2
52Mysterious 2
53Rivalry 2
58Loneliness and solitude
59Honest feeling 2
61True friends guitar solo by Kengo Morimoto
62True friends by Kengo Morimoto

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