In a Dev Update video released on May 22, 2024, Riot Games provided an update on a highly requested feature — the Valorant replay system.

Players have been asking for a Valorant replay system since the game launched on June 2, 2022. This feature would allow players to improve their skills by reviewing past decisions and analyzing enemy strategies.

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Additionally, the replay system could be a valuable tool for identifying and reporting cheaters or smurfs–a concern familiar to most players facing suspiciously skilled opponents. 

Here’s Riot Games’ detailed update on this much-awaited game feature.

Riot Games says the Valorant replay system is still in development

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Marcus Reid, Valorant’s Technical Lead, confirmed that the development team is actively working on a replay system. He offered a glimpse into the process by showcasing a free-cam view from a prototype build.

“I want to emphasize the word prototype here, as this is nowhere near launch,” said Ried.

According to Reid, Valorant prioritizes real-time performance and competitive integrity. Replays, however, introduce new functionalities like pausing or rewinding, which require additional work.

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The Unreal Engine 4 provides a base for replays, but Riot Games acknowledges the need to adapt various in-game elements for replay functionality. This includes maps, abilities, weapons, and visual and audio effects.

“For replays to be valuable to all of you, they need to be accurate,” said Reid.

Reid provided examples of glitches encountered during testing, showcasing discrepancies between live gameplay and replay views. These issues ranged from funny visual bugs to more subtle inconsistencies, like smoke effects not displaying correctly.

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The sheer volume of in-game assets in Valorant presents another hurdle. Each asset needs to be thoroughly reviewed and potentially adjusted to function flawlessly within the replay system, all while maintaining stability in the live game.

While the wait might feel long for some, the development team’s focus on delivering a polished and accurate replay system is commendable.

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“We are taking our time to make sure we get it right,” said Reid.

You can watch Valorant’s Dev Update video below.

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