With historical sights to see and industrial technologies in progress, the Valorant map, Breeze, is a mystery island that brings a lot of curiosity to players. 

Set within the area of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle, there’s a lot of mystery that comes with this map. The cave-like mines to vast open beach areas push players into fiery showdowns on the battlefield. 

This makes using the best controllers on Breeze agents quite handy. By making sure to use some of the best controllers on Breeze, you’re able to cut up locations through their abilities and shape them according to the team’s strategy of attack.

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Plus, they ensure that the team can safely enter the sites during attacking or protecting sites when it comes to defending. 

Controllers in Valorant specialize in abilities that can change the battlefield and block off the view of enemies. Each controller agent comes with a form of smoke that can be thrown across an area.

There are even some controllers who can stun, blind, and deal damage to opponents. 

To make some good team plays and control the wide spaces of the map, here are some of the best controllers on Breeze to slice up enemy territory. 

The best controllers on Breeze to cut off enemy vision.


Valorant controller agent Harbor seen watching over something in an official Valorant trailer
Credit: Riot Games

Harbor can water down enemies with his wave-like abilities, and that just makes sense for one of the best controllers on Breeze. 

Using Cascade, he can slow down enemies, giving time for the team to engage in confrontations. Moreover, it’s a helpful skill that helps the team to enter the side.

Similarly, with the High Tide, Harbor can raise a wall of water and direct it into a player’s preferred line of cover. This proves useful on Breeze as the High Tide ability can phase through the ruined walls which is quite convenient. 

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To cover the open spaces, Harbor can also throw in the Cove, which is a spherical shield of water that blocks bullets.

Often used for attacking, the Cove can cover teammates who are planting the spike or protect them when needing to defuse it during tight moments.

For Harbor’s ultimate, Reckoning, he can send a shockwave of a geyser pool that concusses enemies within the area. This ability helps in clearing out enemies and making them retreat especially for attacking the B site for planting.

It should be clear at this point why Harbor is one of the best controllers on Breeze.


Valorant controller agent Viper seen in the Yoru agent reveal trailer
Credit: Riot Games

As part of the Breeze meta, Viper is a top pick for the map in controlling and leveling the playing field. Hence why the green queen is on our list of the best controllers on Breeze.

Her skill set brings a lot of utility through mainly the Toxic Screen. Like Harbor, she can raise a wall that blocks the field of view of enemies. This can be thrown across the B site and even cover the A Halls.

For opponents passing through this, their health is temporarily decreased due to the toxic nature of the smoke. 

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The same goes for her Poison Cloud wherein she can throw and enable a sphere of poisonous gas. This is highly used during post-planting situations when attacking, to discourage opponents from defusing the spike. 

Another skill on Viper’s belt is the Snake Bite. While also used for post-planting, this is also great for delaying enemy entries to the site, it can put opponents in tight spots such as at A Shop.

In terms of her ultimate, Viper’s Pit creates a chemical cloud in all directions which nearsights players and decays the health of enemies.

This is best used on the B site due to the elevated terrain and tight spots to trap and surprise enemies with guns such as the Judge or Bucky. Viper’s incredibly powerful kit puts her rightfully in our list of the best controllers on Breeze.


Valorant controller agent Clove seen in her official reveal trailer
Credit: Riot Games

The latest controller added to Valorant, is also one of the best controllers on Breeze. Clove is a troublemaker who can make mischief for enemies in both lively battles and even during death. 

Pick-me-up is an ability that takes the life force of fallen enemies under Clove and turns it into haste and temporary health. This feature becomes crucial during fights across Mid Top on Breeze, giving her a Reyna-like immortality. 

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Upon entering sites, Clove can also throw her Meddle fragments which decay targets caught in the area. This makes it easier for the team to push out foes from the site and plant the spike with more confidence. 

Like all other controllers, Clove also has a smoke ability which is the Ruse. She can set clouds of smoke that can block the vision of chosen areas. Plus, a unique characteristic of this ability is that it can even be used after death which is quite a game-changer to Valorant. 

Last is Not Dead Yet, Clove’s ultimate ability that keeps enemies guessing. Clove can resurrect but she must kill or damage assist any opponent within a set time or she’ll die. This ability is crucial in clutch situations such as one-on-ones.

New or not, Clove is one of the best controllers on Breeze.


Valorant controller agent Omen seen watching over something in an official Valorant trailer
Credit: Riot Games

Then we have Omen, a sneaky phantom who hunts in the shadows. For Omen, Breeze is a playground as he can teleport across the field and take our enemies from behind. 

With Shroded Step, Omen can make quick escapes from dangerous fights as he can teleport to a player’s marked location. This is perfect for teleporting up and down the Ascender at A site and taking out enemies coming from the flank.

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When entering the site, Omen can throw his Paranoia ability to nearsight and deafen players that come in contact with it. It’s more advantageous to use this in walled-up areas across Breeze such as Mid Pillar and B Tunnel.  

For Dark Cover, Omen can create smokes of shadows that block the enemies’ line of sight. Paired with the From the Shadows ultimate, Omen can teleport to any selection location on the map, making opponents second-guess his next move.

Often, From the Shadows is used to teleport to spawn areas to flank the enemy team and give teammates more information. Like with many maps, Omen is one of the best controllers on Breeze.

That concludes our guide of the best controllers on Breeze in Valorant.

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