Breeze is more than just a tropical-themed map as it tests players with its open areas and long-range locations.

This makes the map perfect for sudden confrontations and heated battles. Before engaging in scorching duels, it’s handy to know who the best duelists on Breeze are. 

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As a duelist in Valorant, a player’s main role is to be the first to engage with opponents on the battlefield. They’re usually aggressive in their role, facing enemies head-on while still being self-sufficient.

With a map like Breeze, duelists must always be on their toes, ready to enter the site or be alert for enemies on the flank. 

In line with that, we’ll delve into the best duelists on Breeze who will blaze a trail, spotlighting their abilities and showcasing how they do on the field. 

The best duelists on Breeze to take over the sites


Best duelists on Breeze - Yoru agent
Screenshot by Renee Aguila/ONE Esports, Riot Games

A master of infiltration, Yoru rips through dimensions and surprises opponents, making him perfect for the list of best duelists on Breeze. 

His set of abilities is fit for ambushing enemies. Whether making an aggressive entrance or flanking, opponents would be surprised at where Yoru would pop up next. 

With the Gatecrash ability, Yoru can teleport from one tether to another across Breeze’s open areas, which helps him in taking out foes or retreating from them.

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Additionally, upon making an entry as an attacker, Yoru’s Fakeout ability, gives a small window of opportunity for the team to assist in fiery showdowns across mid-locations or the halls.

As for the Dimensional Drift, Yoru can gather information on enemy locations without being harmed, even throwing in some Blindsides upon exiting the dimension to make a jump on enemies. Pair Yoru with Sova, and the duo can take down several foes in an instant.


Best duelists on Breeze - Iso agent
Screenshot by Renee Aguila/ONE Esports, Riot Games

Being the most recent duelist addition to the game, Iso uses charged radianite energy to disrupt enemies. He’s also quickly become one of the best duelists on Breeze

His kit combines both offensive and defensive abilities, making him a balanced agent for the team. The Contingency ability allows Iso and the rest of the team to enter heavily-guarded sites safely as it serves as a wall that blocks bullets.

In terms of clashing with opponents, Iso can throw the Undercut which phases through the ruined walls on Breeze and even the halls. 

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Pair Iso with a Spectre, Bulldog, or Phantom, players also can run and gun against foes across the map. He can even generate a shield for one instance of damage with the Double Tap ability, displaying his reliability. 

For Iso’s ultimate, players can count on him to pull enemies from great distances into one-on-one duels. 


Best duelists on Breeze - Neon agent
Screenshot by Renee Aguila/ONE Esports, Riot Games

A meta pick for Breeze, Neon’s one of the best duelists on Breeze who can take down opponents with her speed and electrifying skills.

On the attacking side, Neon is formidable as she raises energy lines with Fast Lane to pave the way for entry to sites. She can also zip through and frustrate opponents with her High Gear which increases her speed.

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Triggering the ALT FIRE on this ability also allows her to do an electric slide which can help in getting angles at pouncing on enemies or making quick recoveries. 

Besides that, the Relay Bolt sets off a concussive blast that stuns enemies for a few seconds, giving Neon an advantage in heated engagements with opponents on Breeze.

For her ultimate, Overdrive unleashes Neon’s full power and speed, allowing her to blaze through the sands and sites to take down enemies from near or afar. 


Best duelists on Breeze - Jett agent
Screenshot by Renee Aguila/ONE Esports, Riot Games

The iconic wind girl, Jett can take on both the elevated and downhill terrain of Breeze with her abilities, making her a perfect fit in the best duelists on Breeze. 

From the Drift itself, Jett can glide with ease in the air. This feature is best combined with the Updraft as it can instantly propel Jett in the air, gaining information on enemies from afar and perhaps sniping them down with an Outlaw or Operator. 

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Moreover, Jett on Breeze can help the team with her Cloudburst smokes. Plus, her Tailwind can save her from dangerous moments, providing her an escape from risky duels. 

Jett’s Blade Storm can even be used from afar such as the Attacker Spawn Point or A Hall. Used alongside her other abilities, Jett’s ultimate is flexible across either site on Breeze.

Therefore it should be no surprise that Jett is considered one of the best duelists on Breeze.


Best duelists on Breeze - Raze agent
Screenshot by Renee Aguila/ONE Esports, Riot Games

Last in our list of the best duelists on Breeze is Raze, a duelist who can leap across Breeze’s landscape.

From using the Blast Pack cover distances to throwing Paint Shells as ammunition, Raze makes an explosive entrance with her abilities.

She can catch enemies off-guard with the heights she can reach, landing on top of crates to get a good angle on opponents and throwing off their aim. 

For tight spots such as B Main and B Elbow, Raze can equip her Boom Bot and have it chase down defenders, leading to a blast of damage.On the defenders’ side, Raze also makes a good guard for entry spots, discouraging attackers from entering due to her explosives. 

While for Raze’s Showstopper, it can cover Breeze’s tight and open locations and deal major area damage. 

That wraps up our list of the best duelists on Breeze in Valorant.

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