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If you’re new to Valorant, you’ll notice that you can only play a select few agents in the game.

Only five agents are immediately available for players, so it is essential to know how to get agents in Valorant.

Valorant map Lotus with the text of all Valorant maps in the competitive rotation
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There is a maximum of one unique agent per team, so it’s important to unlock as many agents as you can so that you won’t be forced to play a character you’re unfamiliar with.

In addition, a larger agent pool will give your team more options when selecting duelist, controller, initiator, and sentinel roles.

This is how to get agents in Valorant

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Here we’ll explain how Valorant’s in-game point system works. All Valorant agents can be unlocked through the Progression System that was introduced in Episode 7.

When a new agent is released, players must participate in the 28-day event to unlock them. Players must earn enough XP within the event period

How to get agents in Valorant
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To unlock previous Valorant agents, players will have to spend 1,000 VP or 8,000 Kingdom Points in the in-game store.

Players can earn Kingdom Points by completing the tasks in their daily and weekly missions. 

Step-by-step guide

Harbor Valorant agent contract
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  • Go to the ‘Agents’ tab in Valorant’s in-game store
  • Select the agent you want to unlock
  • Click on the “activate contract” tab
  • Gain 8,000 Kingdom Points to unlock an agent
  • Players can also spend 1,000 Valorant points to unlock an agent
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