A new duelist is getting ready to shake up the Valorant agent meta.

Valorant Agent 24 will be the final addition to the game’s roster this year. Riot Games’ developers have provided players with numerous clues regarding the identity and capabilities of this character.

The new agent could be released sometime between Episode 7 Act 3 and Episode 8 Act 1.

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Valorant Agent 24 could be another high-flying duelist

Valorant Agent 24 teaser image from the State of the Agents blog post shared on September 29
Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games dropped the first hint about the upcoming duelist in their State of the Agents blog post. In this post, the mysterious figure is depicted enjoying a hearty mala hot pot meal, suggesting Agent 24’s nationality.

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This clue has led fans to speculate that Agent 24 might have Chinese roots, given that hot pot is a traditional Chinese dish.

Screenshot of the new Easter egg added in patch 7.07 that shows Valorant Agent 24's mysterious ability
Credit: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports, ValorLeaks

The second intriguing Easter egg was revealed in Valorant patch 7.07, where an agent ability with an octadecagon shape was introduced on Sunset.

This distinctive agent ability bears a striking resemblance to the Bulletproof player card found in the Episode 7 Act 2 Battle Pass.

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Riot Games has a track record of leaving hints about new agents and maps in their Battle Passes. An example is the Live Wire player card from Episode 3 Act 3, which revealed Neon’s Surge Protector backpack way before the Filipino duelist was introduced to Valorant.

Fans believe that Agent 24’s octadecagon-shaped ability allows for agents to be propelled into the air, similar to Octane’s Launch Pad ultimate in Apex Legends.

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This belief stems from Valorant Character Producer John Goscicki’s association of Valorant Agent 24 with Paper Rex’s star duelist Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie.

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Credit: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports, Riot Games
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Goscicki stated, “At its core, Valorant is a team-based tactical shooter where gunplay is key. For some of you, this means aspiring to play like Jinggg, putting in hours to click those orbs with aim trainers for that clean 5K.”

Jinggg is renowned as a Raze main, known for executing impressive Blast Pack satchel plays that enable him to cover significant ground while his teammates capitalize on the space he creates.

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At the time of writing, these are the two main Easter eggs that Riot Games has revealed about the upcoming duelist agent.

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