Imagine this. Your team wins the opening pistol round on attack, and your resident Jett main decides to save on the second round so they can buy an Operator.

When they finally have enough credits to pick up the big gun, they promptly die within three seconds of the round, handing the weapon to the defenders.

Otherwise, you’ll find them sitting at long waiting for someone to peek while everyone else on the team has already been dead for 20 seconds.

Jett mains occupy a special place in Valorant. They’re the queens of instalock, and we love them when they’re hitting mid-air Blade Storm shots. But on other days, they’ve got us questioning whether they left their brains back at the agent select screen.

Why you should not buy the Operator on attack even as a Jett main

Let’s get one thing out of the way. The fact that pros buy the Operator on attack in the VCT does not mean that you should also drop 4,700 credits on the sniper rifle in your ranked games.

The pros are playing in a coordinated team with set plays and utility to help them get the most out of the weapon. You’re not. On attack, your entire plan probably revolves around holding a certain angle and hoping for an over-ambitious defender to ego peek you. If no one peeks, the entire plan falls apart.

It’s even worse when you’re the only duelist, and your team is relying on you to create space on site. You can’t be sitting at the back with the Operator while Chamber attempts to entry.

Maybe your secondary duelist is Reyna. As it turns out, that’s hardly an improvement. Reyna remains woefully inadequate at being the first to enter a site, and your team is almost certain to crumble if the enemy knows what they’re doing.

The Operator in Valorant is also not the same as the one in CS:GO. The big green gun in Valve’s shooter scopes faster and overall feels a lot more agile, which means it allows for more aggressive plays.

Jett mains Operator
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

On the other hand, Valorant’s Operator is slow and clunky. If you miss a shot, it is extremely punishing and will likely leave you a sitting duck.

Of course, there are situations where the Operator can work to your benefit. Perhaps the defenders are careless and prone to over-peeking. Or maybe your team is just extremely effective at taking a site, freeing you to play the post-plant from afar.

Having said that, the Operator remains an exceedingly situational weapon on attack. Unless you’re a certified god with the weapon or have some sort of plan, stop buying it for all our sakes.

Above all, stop yelling at your teammates to pick up the defenders’ Operator from the floor if you’re not going to entry in the next round.

Thank you.

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