T1’s Tyler “Latham” Skadoodle has released his first Valorant guide series, in which he will show players how to properly use the Operator sniper rifle.

There will be four tutorial videos in total, and the remaining segments will be released weekly. The first video explains the basics of how to use an Operator, from aiming, quick switching, to the different types of peeks players can use with the weapon.

The Operator is a hefty investment at 4,500 credits, but it has the highest damage in all of Valorant along with being an accurate sniper rifle.

1. Aim at their belly button

Skadoodle emphasizes that players should aim for body shots when using the Op. “I try to aim around the belly button or the chest where they’re most broad.” Skadoodle continued, “I never go for headshots, simply because it’s a hard target to hit.”

2. Never quick switch

Skadoodle also mentioned that you should not quick switch when using the Operator. After taking a shot, it is better to let the weapon recover on its own compared to quick switching to your knife then back to the Operator. It saves you more time, which will lessen your recovery time in between shots.

3. How to quick scope

Next, he explained the quick scoping mechanic which lets players take a shot almost immediately after scoping in. Players just need to wait for the red dot at the center of the scope to appear before taking their shot since this will indicate an 100% accurate shot.

The red dot mechanic also applies to the crouch peeking and jump peeking mechanic. When you’re scoped in and you move, the red dot disappears. But if you hit your crouch key, the red dot will appear right when you’ve crouched down. Players use this to get a slightly better angle against opponents who’ve planted themselves in a defensive position.

4. How to jump peek

Jump peeking is a mechanic that players can use to catch opponents adjusting their aim, making them miss in the process. If you intend to jump peek, make sure you’re pre-aimed at where you believe the opponent is going to be.

5. Give yourself plenty of room to react

The last and most important mechanic Skadoodle explained is a fundamental aiming tip for the Operator. T1’s designated Operator user believes that players tend to rely too much on their aim, instead of letting opponents move towards their crosshair. “I usually give myself a lot of room to react and let the opponent swing into my crosshair, rather than me flicking onto the target.”

In closing, Skadoodle advised players to take things slow and capitalize on hitting your targets. Skadoodle’s next Operator video should be out around the same time next week.

Here’s the full video:

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