Now that we’ve shown you the world of Japanese Valorant shoutcasting, might we interest you in Korean Valorant commentators as wel?

While shoutcasters are known for analysis and play-by-play commentary, sometimes Korean shoutcasters favor raw emotion and cheering over eloquence.

The League of Legends community already has their fair share of funny moments from Korean casters in the LCK, and Valorant is catching up.

Just look at how Korean shoutcasting compares to the rest of the world!

The spray and pray by Fnatic Mistic!The flank by Meta Gaming delus1on! The bladestorm ACE by PIR senyocarl! There is no shortage of HYPE in this week's Top Frags. ?For more #VCT action, stay tuned for the latest episode of #THEHEADSHOT. TOMORROW!

Posted by Valorant Esports on Thursday, April 29, 2021

VCT Korean casters in Vision Strikers vs. F4Q

Check out how Kim “BINBON” Jin-young, Chae Min Joon, and Jung In Ho made these moments in the qualifiers in the VCT Korea 2021 Challengers Stage 2 even better.

I mean, how else would you react to F4Q Bunny’s quadra kill?

Besides, their reactions totally sum up this historic overtime between Vision Strikers and F4Q.

Can you imagine how wonderfully crazy these guys will be during Masters: Reykjavik? We can’t wait!

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