WWE Superstar Xavier Woods took on a fan’s challenge to a Tekken match at the recent GameStop Managers Conference.

In his tweet, Woods, who also goes by his gamer name Austin Creed, claimed he was “verbally bombarded by a man named Byron” during his signing session. According to the pro wrestler, Byron, who happens to be a “really nice guy,” was challenging him to a game of Tekken.


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Xavier Woods plays Tekken 8 against a fan at GameStop Managers Conference
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

The excitement unfolded as the known avid gamer and wrestling sensation played Tekken versus the fervent fan. To no surprise, the wrestler chose to play as King, a formidable character known for his wrestling-inspired moves and powerful strikes.

The clash between the WWE superstar and Byron quickly escalated into a thrilling spectacle, catching the attention of onlookers and attendees. As the intense battle raged on, Woods played King like a true master of the game mechanics, deftly maneuvering his character’s intricate move set to outwit his opponent.

In the fourth round of the match, Woods was able to block a Snake Edge, leaving his opponent open to a world full of hurt. He punished the enemy with a Jumping Knee Lift launcher, followed by the first two hits of the Mincer combo. He then jabbed the airborne opponent, so he could flip him with a Quick Hook to Uppercut combo. Woods finished off in style with a nicely executed Running Jaguar Bomb to end the match.

The WWE superstar faced the camera with a smolder before he laughingly gave his opponent a hug as a sign of sportsmanship.

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