With Capcom’s previous announcement that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’s fifth and final season will include five characters to complete the game’s total roster, many have been speculating on which characters would make the cut.

That includes the most well-known Street Fighter player in history, Daigo Umehara, who recently weighed in on which characters he would like to see added to the roster.

While streaming on Twitch, Daigo was asked “of all the existing characters, which [ones he would] want in [Street Fighter V: Champion Edition].” Daigo then began a discussion on multiple possible characters that could be added to the roster.

Credit: FGC Translated

First, Daigo mentioned Rolento, pondering, “don’t you think [he] would be an interesting character to have?” Daigo could have been referring to when Rolento was added to SFIV with the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV, and how his rushdown playstyle surprised the Street Fighter community.

Daigo then came to the realization that he really wanted to include Eagle, a lesser-known character in the Street Fighter franchise. Eagle first appeared as a non-playable opponent in the original Street Fighter game back in 1987. He was then added to the crossover fighting game Capcom vs. SNK and then to Street Fighter Alpha 3.

The next character Daigo said that he wanted to make a comeback was Yun. But he also explained that “they have to be really careful with how strong they make [his moves].” Yun was a strong glass canon type character in Street Fighter IV, especially with his Genei Jin super.

Daigo’s stream then brought up that Makoto was ranked second in a 2017 character popularity poll hosted by Capcom. In response, Daigo agreed that he believed she was coming back.

The legendary Street Fighter player also went through the list of classic Street Fighter characters and said most of them are already in the game. Later, he added that Rufus “could be one of them, I like Rufus, don’t you think he’s very possible?”

Out of all the characters Daigo mentioned, Yun was the only character he used competitively for short while. During Evo 2011, Daigo finished fourth with Yun.

Daigo Umehara vs Lee “Poongko” Chung Gon at Evo 2011

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